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Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler

Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler

An Analysis - Chap 2 Part 2

by Richard E. Noble

Marx had stated that as a part of the natural evolution of the human economic and class condition, the whole industrial world would eventually be transformed into a socialist democracy ruled by the workers of the world. The United States was not free from the peril of this inevitable Marxian evolution, either. Armed battles had been going on since the late eighteen hundreds. Mine workers out west and mill workers in the north and south, were pitted in a bitter battle for power. The whole world was entrenched in the worker revolution.
The following - simulated Marxist rhetoric:
+++ Workers of the world unite, throw off your shackles. You are nothing but the wage slaves of the rich and wealthy Capitalists. It is these same Capitalists who have started Word War I. They have precipitated this war for their own personal gain and profit, and have got you all involved in this fight to divert you from their real motives. Their motives are personal wealth and power and your eternal enslavement. You, your wife, and your children are nothing more to them than tools for the digging of their fortunes. Wake up! Face the reality of the Capitalist conspiracy. These men hope one day to control you and all of the wealth of the world. You are cattle, and fodder for their bombs and bullets. The Capitalist arms merchants, these Merchants of Death, are profiting right now at this very minute by the bullets and bombs that are slaughtering you and your friends. Every death filled bullet or metal bomb fragment that penetrates an eye, blows off a leg or burst the brain of a soldier on either side of this war puts money into the pockets of these vicious Capitalistic war mongers. They are no longer mongers of dead fish, but dead human bodies, and you are stupidly, and heroically, killing one another for the purpose of promoting their wealth and good future. They are building their banks on your dead bodies. The pyramids of the twentieth century are being built with your blood, bones and dead bodies. Wake up! Wake up! Join the workers of the world in revolution. Workers have no country in the war mongering Capitalist scheme. You are all the same to them. Unite! Flee from Nationalist propaganda. The Capitalist has no nation, and his only devotion is to his profit and gain. Join in the world revolution - the worker revolution. Workers of the world rise up and fight! Turn your guns from your brothers on the
battlefield and onto your real enemies, the industrialists, bankers, Capitalist, the ignorant bourgeoisie, and the corrupt governments who stupidly prop them up on their shoulders and make them idols and gods, and will then be allowed to strut with their heroes side by side over the bodies of you and your loved ones. +++
It was this kind of talk that turned the Russians from the battlefields of World War I, and triggered a class revolution in their nation. Castles and private homes were ransacked, nobility slaughtered, shop owners and businessmen put to the bayonet, a peasant’s revolt of twentieth century dimension.
In Germany, on the home front, a similar revolution was erupting. The Socialist Democrats (reds, communists, Marxist, Jew traitors) were taking over the government. In fact, for a short period they had actually been victorious and declared themselves to be the established German government.
This was the homeland that Adolf returned to after risking his life on the front lines. He joined in the fighting with other ex-soldiers and citizens loyal to the imperial crown, and battled them back in the streets until his country was forced to surrender to the allies.
So here is where we find Adolf in the year 1923. He is still bitterly engaged in the war - the war on the home front. The Allies had set up a government, a democratic government, in which the strongest party was the treacherous traitors - the Socialist Democratic Party; the Party who had sold his nation and it heroes into bondage, and slavery. These cowardly traitors had given in to a terrible treaty - a treaty of reparations and payments that would serve to bankrupt the German nation and undermine its people and their national heritage. From Adolf’s point of view this war was far from over. In fact, it was just beginning. Adolf, though in prison at the moment, was really in the process of building himself as a National hero. He was fighting for the real Germany, and a real German government, and not the phony baloney government of the victorious allies.
This point of view was not peculiar to Adolf alone. Many of the German people agreed wholeheartedly in spirit. The German industrialists along with many ex-leaders and old generals were already rebuilding their army and weapons base secretly at that very moment.
I find it interesting to note that Bertrand Russell in his History of Western Philosophy credits the Nazi, Fascist, and Communist movements as leftist in their origin. But Adolf Hitler seems no leftist to me. He seems about as leftist at this point in my reading as Winston Churchill. But, I won’t pursue the issue, other than to state my confusion at this point with Mister Russell’s evaluation.
In any case, as we step into chapter three, I think that we should have a little better idea where Adolf is coming from. Adolf is fighting the terrorists at home - that army of traitors who had stabbed him and his fighters on the front in the back. They are the national criminals who had lost the war and disgraced the homeland. If the Marxist were to take over, this would mean the end of Germany, as a nation. This international group of so called workers of the world, who were really being motivated by a Jewish conspiracy would destroy German nationhood. They would, in fact, destroy all nationhood in general, because the homeless Jew has no nation and no loyalty. They will destroy the advances of civilization that have been built by the Roman Empire, and other great historical conquerors who had established these advances in civilization through the principle of might dictating right.

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