Monday, July 10, 2006



“What is Truth?”

By Richard E. Noble

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
If there were no life or any type of living, interpreting ‘things’ in the Universe, as it is said that there once was, what would really be?
If there were no living thing, would the concept that we call ‘time’ still exist?
Yes. There would be a legitimate laps between events. There would be no ‘thing’ to perceive it or recorded it, but these events with pauses in between, would still take place.
Would ‘space’ exist?
Yes. There would be gaps and distances between the objects in the remaining Universe.
Would beauty exist?
No. This requires judgment, interpretation and perception. There would be no beauty in a world without life.
Would Justice exist?
No. With no living thing being affected positively or negatively, how can something be fair or not fair? What does it matter if one moving rock obliterates another rock?
Would matter exist?
Yes. The objects of the universe would still be floating around in space and time.
Would ‘good’ and ‘evil’ exist?
No. With no living, feeling, perceiving thing, all events would be events and nothing more. No ‘thing’ to benefit; no ‘thing’ to suffer ... no Good; no Evil.
Would pain exist?
With nothing alive to feel, how can there be pain and suffering?
Would energy and light exist?
Yes. Even without living interpreting things suns would still explode and stars collapse. The plants would still rotate and the Universe would remain in motion.
Would love exist?
No. With no living things, there would be no love, no feelings, no emotion, no kindness, no joy, no laughter, no tears, no sadness, no remorse, no hate, no cruelty
Would God exist?
Yes. There would still be the necessity of a source of the existence of matter and motion, and light, and time, and space and all the things that are, whether living or not. Matter cannot move itself. Energy is something. Matter is something. If not a Prime Mover or a First Cause, there still would have to be of necessity a Power keeping the planets a-float in the infinity of space; if not a Source, then a Force. The question, or explanation for ‘existence’ is still valid even with no one to ask it.
If then God does exist, what part of God is truth; and what part is the product of the perceptions and feelings and imaginings of man?

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