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Mein Kampf

Mein Kampf

“The Causes of the Collapse”

Chapter 7 Part 1

By Richard E. Noble

In chapter ten, Adolf discusses Germany’s present condition, and the reasons for this lowly state, in his opinion:
“... The easiest and therefore also the most widespread explanation of today’s misfortune is that the consequences involved are those of the lost war, and that therefore the latter is the cause of the present evil ... Now there may be many who will seriously believe this nonsense, but there are many more out of whose mouths such an explanation can only be a lie and conscious untruth. This may be said of all those who today have their place at the government’s mangers. For, did not once the very announcers of the Revolution most urgently point out, again and again to the people, that for the great masses it would make no difference whatsoever how this war would end. Have they not, asserted most seriously that at the utmost only the ‘great capitalist’ could have any interest in the victorious end of this colossal wrestling of nations [Communists] but never the German people itself, or even the German worker? Indeed, on the contrary, did not these apostles of world reconciliation assert ‘militarism’ could only be destroyed by the German defeat, but that the German people would celebrate its most glorious resurrection? Did one not praise in these circles the benevolence of the Entente, and did not one charge Germany with the entire guilt of bloody struggle? But would one have been able to do so without the explanation that even defeat would have no special consequences for the nation? Was not the entire revolution trimmed with the phrase that through it the victory of the German flag would be prevented, and that thereby the German people would face all the more its inner and outer freedom?
“Was this perhaps not so, you miserable and lying fellows?
“It really takes a truly Jewish impudence to attribute the cause of the collapse to the military defeat ...”
Here once again Adolf is counter-punching the current Marxist communist reasoning. The Marxist preached that a new world would arise if only the ‘workers’ and ‘peasants’ would rise up against the capitalist war lords. War is only a battle of the poor, and against the poor from which only the wealthy benefit. If we all help now to overthrow the Capitalist Military Industrial Complex, our enemies will befriend us, and a new nation ruled and comprised of the true German people will evolve. Continuing the war only benefits the bomb and bullet manufacturers. Your leaders have been the culprits in this catastrophe. They have forced this war upon you and led you in the direction of your own destruction, and all in the name of their own personal wealth and prosperity.
Here again we hear Tom Paine. The only difference being that the old ‘inheritance’ Kings have been replaced by the new manufacturing and industrialist Kings. But the same promises that inspired the American Revolution, a world of prosperity, free education, and economic freedom along with a true government of, by, from, and for the people would all be possible if only we can rid ourselves, we, the common people, of these war mongering ‘Kings’ and Industrialists.
True or False?
I say false. On this point, I agree with the religious prophets and social thinkers.
The evils which plague and have plagued the human race come from within the basic nature of each and every one of us. Before the human race can move on in its quest of a more perfect civilization, we all must, or the majority of us must come to grips with the imperfections of our own natures, and be able to sublimate these tendencies into social and personal good. We also must be able to recognize and admit to, and understand the destructive tendencies of our human natures. We must grasp an understanding of human hate, competition, jealousy, egotism, revenge, aggression, abuse, power and the like before progress for a world of peace can be accomplished.
One day we can only hope that even talk of war will immediately be considered as a sign of a disease, a symptom of an illness that will be attended to immediately by the nations of the world with the weapons of love and understanding. Cruelty and violence must be judged unacceptable by all, and discouraged on all levels. As it is considered within our home nation, it should be between all nations.
These type arguments by the Marxist rang with a degree of truth all over the world. And after the war information exposing Arm Merchants, as enterprising war mongers, and manipulators of blood money were published. ‘Merchants of Death’ was a popular phrase. I have a book in my collection with that very title, written by H. C. Engelbrecht and F. C. Hanighen. The bibliography in the back of the book lists pages more of similar material. Their arguments are strong, believable, and substantiated. I don’t think that it can be denied that there were in fact Merchants of Death. The debate on the issue centers on which came first the ... War or the Weapons Manufactures.
William Manchester’s “The Arms of Krupp” is interesting reading on this matter. My mind is not made up, but I intend to pursue the question.
There are those today who contend that the war in Vietnam was really nothing more than a warehouse clean out program for Arms Manufactures. The old inventory has to go in order for ‘business’ to grow. President Eisenhower warned of the growth of the Military Industrial Complex - a warning that, as far as I can see has gone unheeded, primarily because of the justifiable logic that a strong defense is our best offense. The history of the arms merchant is a dirty business, but then, of course, so is the history of the human species. That the human animal has feed its civilization on the blood of its own can not be denied either.
Thirdly, it can’t go without notice that all of the ills of ‘the homeland’ are of Jewish origin, according to Adolf. Marxism is a Jewish philosophy. The ‘evils’ of capitalism, its greed and internationalism are Jew inspired. The revolution at home after the war we will now learn is Jew inspired, the monetary and banking problems are a Jew problem. This all borders on insanity.
I’ve recently purchased a book, entitled ‘Hitler’s Willing Executioners’ by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen. It is an analysis of German anti-Semitism. It traces the German hatred of Jews back to the establishment of Christianity when Jews were labeled as Christ killers, up through the Protestant Reformation and the anti-Jew preaching of Martin Luther. The point of the book in particular is to make evident the fact that the Germans were trained and conditioned from their history, their social, political and religious training, and their familial and everyday life to hate Jews and consider them to be outsiders and negative infiltrates working towards the destruction of German Nationalism.
This sheds a whole new light on this subject to me. Any anti-Jew indoctrination that I have experienced as an American has been more or less subliminal, or background, but it has certainly been there. I could recount quite a bit of anti-Jew talk from my childhood and since.
I recently met a man in a local restaurant who most certainly had to be of Nazi orientation. My wife and I listened to him for over an hour, as he ‘exposed’ the evil workings of the Jew of today’s world to us. I listened to the man simply because I had never heard anything like it. He basically established the Jew with all of the moral and economic corruption in our society today. He had Rabbis blessing Kellogg’s corn flakes for a fee, and established a Jewish link to every profitable enterprise in the world. Interesting enough he was also able to involve the blacks in this conspiracy to destroy ‘our’ country. The stupid, immoral black race, he claimed, was being guided and manipulated by conniving Jews. The blacks, with their Jew backers, had destroyed the American automobile industry; every large American city; the labor union movement; pride in workmanship; they were responsible for all of the nations drug problems; they were behind prostitution and crime all over America; they had dumbed down and ruined our nation’s school system; he even linked the blacks to the U.S. loss of the war in Vietnam.
As I sat there listening to him make his case, it was very evident to me that his explanation had a definite appeal. He praised me as a common man and a hard working white person. He attempted to establish a bond between me and himself and all white people. He praised me as being hard working, diligent and law abiding, but explained to me that these were the very attributes that the Jews and blacks were using and counting on to destroy me. The appeal of his arguments was that as a white man, I would now be a member of a sort of club or fraternity. My membership was guaranteed, and because of my whiteness couldn’t be denied. Our group would not be afraid to fight, and to fight anybody, to regain the dignity of our racial superior heritage, and reclaim our country.
One frightening part of this experience was that if I were a little less strong in my individuality and independence, a little worse off economically, a little more in need of fellowship, and slightly more susceptible to talk of patriotism and loyalty, this man could be very, very convincing. I had to go back all the way to the early days of my teenager-hood to re-establish my sensitivity to most of these appeals. Actually if it weren’t for my cynicism and my basic distrust of all human beings and not just those that are black or Jewish, I could easily feel the emotionalism of his drive.
This scenario is bad in two ways. One, that there are people in the world like this man, and two, that my chief defense against his emotional appeal of good will and fellowship towards me and ‘our kind’ was my learned skepticism of humans in general. I attribute this strength of my personality to more negatives of my own upbringing.
The conclusion of these experiences, I have always considered clear and without question. If you cannot trust your own mother and father to be decent loyal and faithful; if you can not trust that even these people will turn like a Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hide upon you; if you cannot trust even those closest to you; those responsible for your very birth, to love you and be concerned for your well-being and success, then who or what in this world is worthy of that trust?
So my strength in this case, was my cynicism. What of those of ‘my kind’ who were not fortified appropriately?
This is a very sad observation, isn’t it? I would like to believe that I was just born with a rational, critical mind, but these influences of my youth are too strong. For me to imagine the evolution of my present personality without them is impossible. So my question is; what gives ‘normal’ people their strength to resist the influences of such a man? I suppose that if you are the product of a loving household you would not be bitter and susceptible to preaching of hate and jealously. But my experiences and observations of others in this life lead me to think otherwise. That is why I attribute ‘hate’ to the basic human condition, even without the influences of a poor environment, and negative social relationships.
Even Adam, created directly by the hand of God, was not happy. He found himself in the gardens of paradise, lacking and unsatisfied, and even with the addition of Eve, rebellious, and hostile. I think of this as a fairy tale or folk lore explanation of the very psychological foundation for the human condition and propensity to aggressive behavior that I have spoken about here and elsewhere in this analysis of hate that we are currently involved in.
And, then, how is this natural inclination towards hate and aggressive behavior overcome? Well, a simple look at the history of the human race and mankind shows that it has not been overcome. And as far as I can see no one has even identified the root source of the basic problem. I have read nothing in all of my readings that state the case.
Many religions have stated the notion that man is basically evil, and must work towards overcoming this. They go on to establish this notion with elaborate tales of Gods and Demons, and havens of pleasure and dens of doom and despair. To me this is more fairy tales and fantasy.
I hold no quarter with ‘Goodness’ or ‘Evil’, or ‘Gods’ or ‘Devils’. I think that Man’s basic hostility stems from being born without question of his will, into a hostile natural environment. An environment which will eventually destroy him no matter what course or choices he makes. His death is a fact. His reactions to it vary. This is the closest that I can come to what is termed ‘free will’.
Humans do have the ability to make choices but how much of this ability is influenced by genetics and a predisposition? There is a basic dichotomy in the nature of the notion of ‘free will’. But simply stated you can not choose to be alive without first being alive. Once you are alive you are by the fact of your nature and existence prejudice towards an answer influenced by ‘Being’. You have no ‘free’ choice with regards to life. Your parents chose life for you, and “God” chose your existence. You had no say in either of these matters. Some writers and philosophers claim that somewhere along the line of our conscious existence we make the choice to live or to die. This is the hidden scenario of many a great novel - the awakening of the human to the fact that he does really want to be alive. But can this choice be considered truly ‘free’? Life has been chosen for us, and this is injustice. In relation to a god, free will is impossible. Life then stands as a basic injustice that must simply be endured.

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