Monday, August 20, 2007

Herbert Clark Hoover

(president from 1929-1933, 31st)

By Richard E. Noble

Well, Herbie is the third president thus far who is not either a lawyer or General/war hero. Herbie was an engineer. So far our non-lawyer/General presidents are not doing too well. Andrew Johnson was impeached. Warren Harding is credited with the most corrupt administration in American History. And Herbert Hoover?
In his 1928 campaign Herbie predicted the end of poverty in America.
Well, he was no Nostradamus, that’s for sure.
Herbert then “Hooverized America. Herbie introduced Hoover blankets (old newspapers), Hoover wagons (autos being pulled by horses), the Hoover Flags (pockets turned inside out),Hoover leather, newspaper stuffed into worn shoes and Hoovervilles (towns built out of scrap wood, cardboard, and tin – hobo jungles).
Herbert Hoover came into the office of president a self-made millionaire and post War administrative hero. He left as the most hated man in America. Al Capone had more fans than Herbert Hoover. Herbert Hoover was the man who supposedly solved the problem of starvation and food shortages in post World War I devastated Europe, but had no solution for similar problems in Depression ravaged America. I don’t get it. His personal investments must have been European. I know he had investments in both Germany and Russia.
Herbert Hoover seems to me to be symbolic of a type of American whom I’ve met all my life. This is the type who always seems to have compassion for strangers but not for his own. The type who has no problem taking from and demanding of his own, while giving generously and overlooking the inadequacies of strangers. Herbie solved the problem of hunger in Europe, but seems to have been perfectly willing to ignore it in the United States. When he was questioned about all the out of work venders selling apples on the street corners, he concluded that apple selling on street corners must be more lucrative than whatever job it was that these people had previously. Talk about not having a clue! Al Capone supported soup kitchens when Herbert Hoover wouldn’t.
Herbert was known as the theologian of Republican Philosophy. He didn’t believe in Government spending, unless the spending went to war, industry, police or National Guard. When the Stock Market crashed in 1929, his solution was to give a tax cut. He then opposed strongly any Federal relief programs, while granting amnesty to Europe for payment of any debts owed to the U.S. He refused to support international steps to punish Japan for their belligerency towards China, probably still pissed at the Boxers for throwing his and other fat asses out of China. He credits World War II for eliminating unemployment, yet blames the increases in national debt on F.D.R.’s social spending programs.
He is the original ‘trickle down’ man, and like a certain type of human being, has the unique ability to blame the victim. His policies were clear - coddle the rich and beat up the poor. His greatest achievement seems to have been beating up on a bunch of poor veterans and their families who had assembled from all parts of the U.S. in Washington D.C. They were called “The Bonus Army”.
Veterans of World War I were promised a cash bonus as a reward for their courageous exploits in that War. The only problem was that the Congress was going to withhold payment until the year 1945. A bill was before Congress to pay the bonus in 1933, but it was voted down. Herbie sent in our fearless leaders MacArthur, Patton, and Eisenhower to disperse and burn out this ‘Commie’ Red uprising. They did their duty while many lesser American Soldiers, dropped their rifles and refused to attack their own countrymen and fellow veterans. Sounds like America’s Tienemen Square.