Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pink Gold

Shrimp –
the endless quest for pink gold.

By Jack Rudloe and Anne Rudloe

Book Review

By Richard E. Noble

Shrimp – the endless quest for pink gold, by Jack and Anne Rudloe is another winner by this pair of knowledgeable marine biologists. Both Jack and Anne have numerous books and scientific papers to their credit but this is the first non-fiction by the pair that I have read.

I have read and reviewed both of their fiction outputs, “Pot Luck,” and “Chicken Wars.” I have positive reviews of both of these books on Amazon.

This couple is very good at writing and imaginative creating. They are also very good scientists and marine biologists.

They live “right down the road” from me in the Florida Panhandle, operating their independent Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory which is presently involved in what the couple has named “the Noah’s Ark Project.” The Rudloe’s are trying to save invertebrates from possible extinction from the BP Gulf oil spill.

Since I earned my living for over a decade as an oysterman and have made my living along side many a shrimper, this subject is very interesting to me. I knew quite a bit about all the problems and have been involved in some of the arguments myself.
Jack and Anne do a very good job in presenting the facts involved in all the various groups that have been in conflict with regards to the production of shrimp for the commercial market.

This book is clearly more than a scientific explanation of the “shrimp.” It is really the life story of this couple as their lives have centered on shrimp, shrimping, shrimp research, and profit making in that industry.

The book reads like a novel or an adventure story. It is filled with facts and information but also loaded with down to earth personal experiences. This is no “ivory tower” observation. Jack has been on the shrimp boats; he has culled the catch; he has pulled the nets; he has ventured off into attempts in commercial profiting … he has done it all. Any one interested in marine biology and all of its possibilities will find this book enlightening.

Jack and Anne have the “common touch.” You will understand every word of this book. You will not be confused and you will get the facts.

From the environmentalist point of view, you don’t want to miss this read. Jack pulls no punches in pointing out the negatives for the farming industry and its use of nitrogen rich fertilizers. Many will probably be surprised to find out that there is a “dead spot” the size of the state of Connecticut at the mouth of the Mississippi river.

You will also learn the positives and negatives of shrimp farming, the global network, wild harvesting and more.

This is a good one on many levels. And having been a seafood worker myself for many years and living for the last 30 years in a seafood community, I can attest to the accuracy and objectivity of the information and analyses.

Marine biology students and advocates, environmentalists, commercial fishermen, scientists, entrepreneurs interested in possibly providing seafood products, and anyone interested in learning more about the sea and the creatures living in it should buy and read this book. You will not regret it.

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