Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Adolf was a self-styled messiah, preaching a faith. He came from out the Germanic woods like the fabled Siegfried to rescue his people from world domination. World War I and his experience as a soldier formed the basis of his moral thinking and, from what I can see, his adult personality.

As I analyze this book it becomes more and more evident that these arguments of Adolf’s on varying subjects are still much of the political debate of today. Would Adolf be a Republican or a Democrat, a liberal or a conservative?

A big debate going on at this moment deals with the study of Western culture. Some are ashamed of it, some are proud of it. We have the AIDS virus and Adolf had the problem with syphilis. There is a continuous and on-going argument as to what society should do with its non-achievers. The problem with youth, vagabonds, the homeless and street-corner hooligans seems to be ever-present. How a government should operate and what should be its legitimate limits and concerns, is always in discussion. What is the destiny of our nation, or other nations? What should a society do with its sick, aged and infirm? What should be a country’s attitude towards war and aggression? What is the purpose of the media in a society? What is the main function of our educational institutions? What is the role of banking and finance? Who should be in charge and how should they get there? What is the role of religion and what should be the attitude of the state towards religion? What should our attitude be with regards to our expanding population and the expanding population of the world? What is the role of science, architecture, the arts and history in our present day society?

The argument of which race is the greatest is as vibrant as ever. We have even managed to expand this argument into which sex is the greatest. The Japanese are still reeling from their incarceration in the U.S. during World War II, and the fact that the only nuclear bomb ever, was dropped on their tiny island, as opposed to Western Europe. The African and Spanish cultures are in a heavy battle to make prominent their share in the history and cultural development of the world. China is rushing towards superpower status, and even today it seems as remote and strange and distant as it ever was.

Communism, socialism and capitalism are related in bitterness as seriously as any moment in the last hundred years. The competition within the species goes back to the foundations of human history. Humans were engaging one another in war before this bloody competition even had a name. The internal and external struggles for power between and among representatives of the human species are ongoing and seem to be incurable.

Adolf says to the human race that it must face reality and actively engage itself in the battle for the survival of the “greatest.” I say that if this lunacy is not eventually controlled and hopefully stopped with the recognition of the greatness (or mediocrity of all) the bitterness and beyond that lies in the hearts of the human beings will eventually destroy its kind entirely or continue to reduce the progress of the human race to its present and historical state of crawl.

Adolf says that me and those like me are cowards. Yet in his attempt to destroy us, he found his own cowardly end. I guess that it is up to each of us to decide which philosophy will lead to the greatest eventual good for the future of mankind. The same choices are still with us. Pick a side.

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