Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rebooting the American Dream

Rebooting the American Dream By Thom Hartman Book Review By Richard E. Noble Rebooting the American Dream is not only a criticism and analysis of the present state of our Union but the author’s roadmap back into prosperity. Many authors offer their criticisms but few are brave enough to follow up with solutions. Mr. Hartmann offers positive solutions to every problem. The reader may not agree totally with every solution but it is refreshing to see someone bold and daring enough to print out his answers. I think conservatives and liberals both should read this book. The liberals will be strengthened and reinforced in many of their opinions and the conservatives, though often offended, will find much to support if they are truly conservative and hold the success of their nation to heart. In this report the author covers considerable ground. I have decided not to get into a blow by blow of each of his suggestions. I would rather encourage readers to buy the book and read it for themselves. It is well written. It is intelligent. It is thoughtful and thought provoking. It is somewhat utopian. But I think that the utopian spirit has been lacking in America for several generations. In the sixties, I was reading many utopian tracts and was inspired to action. A spirit of utopian optimism is very much necessary in today tragic and contested environment. I will mention just a few things. The author strongly recommends a return to our manufacturing base, tariffs and incentives to domestic production and the creation of American jobs and even outright protectionism. It is good to hear somebody unafraid to say these type things. He also speaks out against corporate personhood. The idea that corporations should be blessed with personhood and rights is as outrageous as declaring humans non-human or 3/5 a human as was done initially in this country under slavery. In fact, you can still read about that notion by picking up a copy of the U.S. Constitution. It is still in there though amended in the pages that follow. This book is not confusing. It is easy to read. You won’t have to worry about correctly interpreting the author’s remarks. You will only have to decide if you agree or disagree. There is much to be learned in this work. I recommend it highly. And I will be ordering other of Mr. Hartman’s books. I think my next choice will be Unequal Protection, or his book on the degradation of the middle class. I feel that this author is sincere.

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