Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Mosque in Mumich

A Mosque in Munich

By Ian Johnson

Book Review

By Richard E. Noble

This was a difficult book for me. I know nothing of Islam or the Muslim Brotherhood and have little knowledge of how all these Muslims have inhabited Western Europe and of all places, Germany.

I was drawn to the book because of my interests in Nazis and the CIA and the “blowback” issue – how the CIA incorporated Nazis into our American spy organization after Word War II and its effects on our country and our policies.

I have read some on the Jewish/Arab problem also. In reading some pro-Jewish or pro-Israel literature, I have frequently noted reference to Arabs as Nazis. I was interested in that connection. I knew about Lawrence of Arabia and the pro-Ally Arabs but I have read nothing on the pro-Nazis Arabs.

This book is about a particular Mosque established in Munich. Its roots established during World War II and its development and expansion to the present day.

Russian Muslims were originally incorporated into the German Nazi Military. It seems that the Russian Muslims were not treated well under the Tsar or under the Bolsheviks.

Consequently many were eager volunteers and more than willing to turn against their home country. Being first of all “believers” they were motivated anti-communists. Being persecuted and suppressed in their homeland they were also avid social activist. They were also not happy with the Jews. The Jews were well known biblical prophet killers and did not recognize the last great prophet, Mohammed or his predecessor Jesus Christ for that matter. So to fight the godless Russian and at the same time extinguish the biblical prophet killers was a two-fer.

What I have been told in this book about the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic religion is not positive. The book leaves me with the notion that Islam is a religious form of Nazism.

The Nazis believed in world domination. They believed in the superiority of one race, one color and basically one nation. They believed in a world dominated and eventually supplanted by the Arian. All other races and nations would eventually be overrun and “replaced.” The Nazis believed that any form of terrorism – murder, killing and extermination – was honorable and necessary for the future establishment of their goal of world conquest and the spreading of the Arian culture and philosophy.

The impression left in my mind after reading this book is that Islam is a religious/political movement with the goal of eventual world domination. The only difference between it and Nazism would be that Nazism was based on nationalism and race and Islam is based on religious belief. If you are not a Muslim, you have no permanent claim to life and equal justice – or even justice in the afterlife.

I have been led to believe that this ruthless form of World Domination is only the province of radical Muslims. I think it was only mentioned once in this book and only in passing that there is such a thing as a moderate Muslim who believes in toleration of other religious beliefs. A map of the world with the present Islamic nations exhibited in a certain color (green?) was mentioned several times.

These are all general notions that I have gained from reading between the lines of what is a specific book, based on specific research done on one Mosque in Munich. A Mosque that I now know was home to many violent radicals and terrorist activists and subject to several evolutions. It received funding from international sources most notably Saudi Arabia and initially the American CIA.

Immediately after World War II, these radical Muslims were involved in Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, and other CIA fronted broadcast operations designed to promote western propaganda into communist Russia and its satellites.

I would say that this book is not an advertisement to promote understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood or Islam in general. I read it as a warning.
It is not much of an ad for the American CIA either.

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