Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer on the Moon - Adrian Folgelin

Summer on the Moon

By Adrian Fogelin

Book Review

By Richard E. Noble

This is a book about two good pals, Socko and Damien. They are teenagers stuck in poverty in a tenement inner city. They hang out on rooftops, play in broken elevators and idle their way in and out of trouble.

Junebug, a skinny, female pre-adult, is the third member of this tiny, inner city gang.

Junebug has had herself confiscated by “Rapp,” local gangsta wannabe who, along with “Meat” and several others, dominate the streets and rooftops in the immediate ghetto area.

A mixed sort of Dickensian good fortune strikes Socko and his struggling, hard working mom, Delia, and they move into “Moon Ridge Estates” – hence the title “Summer on the Moon.”

From here on the story rolls into mystery, crime, romance and adventure and is packed with interesting, realistic characters.

A great tale designed for young people but plenty of interest for any adult, male or female.

I hate to use the old cliche about a book being too good to put down but Adrian Folgelin certainly captured me. I put aside all my other reading and didn’t stop reading “Summer on the Moon” until I came to the last page.

For the conscientious parent, there is nothing in this story to shock or corrupt any child, no bad language or any other socially unredeaming quality.

I enjoyed reading this book very much. I don’t want to elaborate on any of the plot intrigues and spoil the story for future readers.

I have now read two of Adrian Folgelin’s books. “Sorta Sisters” was my first exposure to this author. She is very, very good. A talented and imaginative writer who specializes in books for young adults. She has written several. I will be reading more of Adrian Folgelin in the future.

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