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Pacifism or Nazism?

Reading between the lines of history.

By Richard E. Noble
Munich is known as the great sellout of World War II. What really happened, though? We are told that Neville Chamberlain, the pacifist leader of Great Britain, tried a last ditch effort to assuage that big bad bully Adolf from beating up on another of his poor neighbors.
In my reading of this situation, I have serious doubts about Mister Chamberlain’s commitment to pacifism. I seriously wonder if old Neville wasn’t slightly more committed to Nazism than to pacifism. I have this morbid feeling that both World War I and World War II were an attempt to subdue the same enemy. I get the feeling from reading between the lines of my History books that the real enemy of World War I was Socialism - the war possibly being initiated by some of the rich and the powerful to divert the European populace from the growing notion that the rich were too rich and the poor were too poor.
From as early as 1848 with the emergence of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and friends, the notion that the rich had much more than they deserved was causing havoc all over the world - in the U.S. also. (Read about big Bill Haywood and the I.W.W. - Wobblies and Woodrow Wilson). Once War breaks out, discontent at Home is treasonous. So if we look at World War I as a method of the threatened Rich and Powerful to stem the tide of domestic unrest, and by the war, turn a nice profit in the manufacture of arms, munitions, textiles, and manufacturies of all types and sorts enhanced by World War I, the War takes on a new light. Arms profiteering was established as a motive for the war.
But World War I was a failure. The War went on and on, and as it did the spirit of nationalism faded as the spirit of international Socialism grew. The notion that World War I was a conspiracy promoted and encouraged by rich and powerful influences for the purposes of growing more rich and powerful, infiltrated even the battle lines. This notion became so strong that in 1918 the whole Russian army walked off the battlefield. It was a show of Democracy said Leon Trotsky, and the Russian soldiers voted with their feet. In Britain, labor influences began to take over. In Germany the Socialist and Communists were toppling the government and sabotaging the War effort, just as Adolf had claimed years later - Mein Kampf - stab in the back theory. The moral victors of World War I were the Socialists and the Communists. The War had not stemmed the tide of discontent over social conditions. The poor were now even poorer and a good many of them were now dead or mangled, and some rich and powerful, especially those involved in producing arms, were richer than beyond their wildest dreams.
The War ends but the real battle goes on. The War against the spread of Socialism and Communism goes underground. Russia becomes public enemy number one. Money begins to pour into the pockets of any group or leader who can divert the marching feet of the poor from the homes of the rich and famous - thus the rise of the European dictators.
Hitler eventually becomes number one on the payroll of the super-rich, wealthy and powerful. He is bought and paid for, and makes a written commitment along with statement after statement to destroy the enemy ... Soviet Russia. He will subdue the Russian Bolshevik beast; turn the whole country, and all the inferior Slavic populations into a slave state. Hitler becomes the Dandy of the Dandy world. Many of the rich and famous about the World, including Neville Chamberlain and his rich British friends are dumping big bucks into an emerging German Nazi state.

Czechoslovakia - the big sellout

Czechoslovakia had gold, weapons and one of the largest and best trained armies in Europe. They had their border with Germany in the Sudetenland armed to the hilt with batteries and canons. They had a treaty agreement with France. If Germany attacked Czechoslovakia France was committed to come to the aid of the Czechs. The French had a treaty with the English. If the French marched the English were committed to follow. In addition to all of this, the Russians told the French formally, that if the Czechs were attacked and the French marched, Russia would come to aid the Czechs and the French in any and every way possible.
Stalin had read Mein Kampf and knew only too well what Adolf had planned for his Soviet Russia. In Germany itself a plot was brewing to overthrow Hitler. General Beck, General von Witzleben, Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, president of the Reichsbank, Johannes Popitz, minister of finance and other disgruntled Nazis felt that Adolf was going too far. They were just about to place him under arrest when word was let out that Neville Chamberlain was coming to Munich to talk once again with Adolf. They decided to hold up their arrest plans until Neville finished talking.
Neville let the French know that if they marched on behalf of the Czechs, England might not follow. Neville convinced France to break its treaty agreement with Czechoslovakia and agree to let the Germans take over the Sudetenland. Most history books contend that Neville did this as a last ditch effort towards peace.
I find this explanation very, very hard to swallow. With this little ‘compromise’ Neville Chamberlain set the ground work for making Germany the most powerful country on the continent. Neville could not have been so stupid as to not realize this fact. I think that Neville Chamberlain was not negotiating for peace but setting up his Nazi friends and associates - Adolf Hitler and his cast of murders and killers - with sufficient power, weapons and money to give Adolf an army large enough and the personal confidence swelled enough to head his troops for Moscow. Just what Neville and his rich friends have been putting their money up for all along.
It is not revisionist history to write about the sellout of Czechoslovakia. It was screamed from the presses by journalists, and from the government seats by statesmen like Winston Churchill and others. What could possibly be in Neville Chamberlain’s mind many people screamed?
The coup against Hitler was over. The German people could hardly believe it themselves. The German leadership and Generals were in shock. Adolf had just bluffed and blustered his way into becoming the most powerful dictator in Europe, and there were few who did not realize this fact. So how could Neville have created such a blunder?
Simple ... it was no blunder. Neville knew exactly what he was doing and what he thought it would accomplish. He was fighting Communism and Soviet Russia, and he and his rich buddies around the world were hiring the whole belligerent German people as their mercenary army. Who cared if a bunch of nutty, forever hostile war crazed Germans wiped themselves out, killing a bunch of Russian Commies? Kind of like the recent War between Iran and Iraq. Let them murder one another, and we will kill two birds with one stone.
Neville and his buddies had the same enemy since 1918 when the Russians stabbed the allies in the back by walking off the Eastern front.


Poland was right on the road to Russia. Neville Chamberlain and his Nazi buddies must have realized that Adolf would be about to hit the Poles. So what was the big deal with Poland? If you weren’t going to “march” over Czechoslovakia, why the hell get all bent out of shape over greedy, ill-prepared Poland? The Poles were not too principled to grab their little share of Chezh property when the Nazis came marching in. So now why should we worry about them? If you weren’t going to go to War when you had all of the cards in your favor, why go now after you just cut a deal making the German army more powerful than it could ever have hoped to become in another ten years of arms production? What are you crazy?
Something unbelievable had just happened. Adolf had cut a secret deal with Uncle Joe. How could this Happen?
Joe Kennedy (ambassador to England) is quoted in a phone conversation back to Washington screaming in a state of panic; We’ve been tricked! We’ve been tricked ... and then went on to mumble something about disaster, or the end of the world coming. But my question is ... who’s ‘We’ Joe? Who is the ‘We’ that has been tricked?
Could the ‘We’ be Joe Kennedy, Henry Ford, Sosthenes Behn (ITT), the Rockefellers, The DuPont’s, Thomas Edison, James D. Mooney (Chevrolet), Montague Normand (Bank of England), Mary Astor (the Clivaden club), Prince Edward and his American Nazi bride, the Dulles brothers, A. Harriman, Prescott Bush and thousands of other wealthy businessmen, bankers, industrialists and manufactures who had been backing Adolf all along with BIG BUCKS so that he would fulfill his promise of squelching the Bolshevik threat, and neutralizing Mother Russia, and Papa Joe?
Uncle Joe and Adolf cut a secret deal to partition Poland. It wasn’t a secret very long though and I bet I know who made this secret known to the world. Uncle Joe was no dummy either.

Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe knew what was going on all along. He knew who was signing Adolf s “czechs” and why. If Uncle Joe was going to War, let’s have it in the Balkans or Poland first. Uncle Joe had been begging to join a western alliance of any sort for a long, long while. But Neville and his friends just snickered. How stupid could Uncle Joe be? Didn’t he know that the West was out to get him?
Not so stupid at all, maybe. He had given the West all the opportunities he could. They had showed their colors time after time. He was the one that they wanted to get and he knew it. What could he do but play both ends against the middle and get ready for the Germans. Obviously the British and the French weren’t going to fight for anybody but themselves. But what was this - Hitler wants to snuggle? This could be the knife that stabs Chamberlain and his buddies in the back. Besides what good does it do to sign any damn papers with England and France - both of them seem to have a swastika behind their back anyway. Remember Austria; remember Czechoslovakia. Signing a deal with Germany could be the best thing that ever happened. If Adolf was sincere, it is us against the West, and we have just turned the attack dog onto its own masters. If Hitler is up to a double-cross, we get a buffer with half of Poland, and we throw a monkey wrench into the Chamberlain/Adolf secret love affair. What’s to lose?
So we know what Chamberlain was up to, and we know what Stalin was up to, and France - the Monkey in the middle between Adolf and Neville - but what the hell was Adolf up to? Too much coke, heroin or what? Didn’t he know if he signed a deal with Russia that he would lose all of his rich Western backers?
This is the only piece of this puzzle that just doesn’t seem to fit. Adolf was no dummy. What was he thinking? He certainly didn’t need Russian help to beat Poland. If he invaded Poland would Russia declare War on Germany? Why should they? They had no agreement with Poland. If he simply invaded Poland, Neville and his chums would probably understand and make some other dinky excuses on his behalf. Maybe he and Adolf could have another talk in Munich about Poland? Maybe the Polish really wanted to be Germans too; if it worked with Austria and Czechoslovakia, why not with Poland? Next stop Russia. And once the Germans started fighting the Russians, the initial Western ‘hit contract’ would be complete. Now, let the bastards beat each other to death. Who gives a damn?
After reading Mein Kampf, I would have assumed that England would be last on Adolf s hit list. He respected the British. He knew how tough the Tommies could be from his experiences in World War I. He thought the Russians and Slaves to be a total waste of mankind. His plan for all of them was extermination. They were trash.
The French were a bastardized race. He has nothing good to say about them, but he certainly should have remembered them from World War I also. One thing that we do know is that he had a strong fifth column in both France and England (and the U.S.).
Winston talks in his, “The Gathering Storm”, of tens of thousands of confirmed, organized Nazis in England at the time of his taking the controls. He’s worried about assassination attempts against him and his family. We know what happened in France with the Vichy government. The only thing that I can figure is that maybe Adolf thought with all of his supporters and cronies inside the British Empire maybe with just a little poke here and a little poke there, the whole nation would collapse just like Austria and Czechoslovakia. Napoleon asked Tom Paine about the same scenario - earlier.
If the Germans are now teemed up with the Russians, now what?
This is bad news for the Big Buck Gang of Western investors. With Russia and Nazi Germany as a team, did Europe have a chance? Did the world have a chance? How could Adolf do this after all that he had said in Mein Kampf about the Russians - about Bolshevism? His whole career had been formulated on the I-hate-Bolshevism policy; send your check to A. Hitler care of “I Will Rid the World of Jews, Bolsheviks, and Scum Bags Inc.” So what is with cutting a deal with Uncle Joe over Poland? Why didn’t Adolf simply attack Poland himself? Why in the world did he have to cut a deal with Russia?
The Russians had been negotiating through their Jewish ambassador, Litvinov, to cut a deal with England and France for the defense of Poland if Germany were to attack. But once again, and true to form, Chamberlain drags his feet. If such a deal was cut, says Winston Churchill, World War II might have been avoided right there and then, but Chamberlain won’t do it ... why?
Why? Because what better road to Russia than through Poland. I mean if you and your rich Nazi (British and Western) friends are paying a guy to attack Russia; you’ve got to realize that he must go through some country. Poland is as good as any. But Britain has a treaty with Poland. Yeah, and France had a treaty with Czechoslovakia.


So Hitler attacks Poland and Chamberlain finally develops a back bone and abandons his pacifist ways, the History books tell us.
I don’t think so. Chamberlain suddenly straightened up when he got the first word that Adolf had cut a deal with the Russians. This was the unexpected slap in the face. All along everything else had been going according to Hoyle. It is my opinion that as long as Chamberlain thought that Adolf was going to attack Russia, he didn’t care if the Gestapo were renting rooms on Downing street, but once Hitler made the non-aggression pact with Russia, the party was over. I would imagine that was the biggest shock of Chamberlain’s life. He thought that he had Adolf in his back pocket.
So Adolf neutralizes his Eastern front and decides to go West, and the British are first.
Question: Why then does he not defeat England, before attacking Russia? What goes wrong? And if he found that he could not beat England, why the hell take on the Russians, and now have a war on two fronts?
I think that the history books and most historians are too kind to Neville Chamberlain. I agree with Winston Churchill who says in his ‘The Gathering Storm’ on page 346:
“In this sad tale of wrong judgments formed by well meaning and capable people, we now reach our climax. That we should all have come to this pass makes those responsible, however honorable their motives, blameworthy before History.”
Neville Chamberlain stands ‘blameworthy before history’ to say the least. Early on, he tried to give Hitler - British, French, and Belgium colonies. He had a blind eye to anti-Semitism and he reneged on the Balfour agreement and basically gave or left captive the European Jews to Hitler and his Nazis. He had capital investments in Nazi Germany. He was a major shareholder in Imperial Chemical Industries, partner of I. G. Farben. He assisted Hitler in all of his land acquisitions in Europe. He and Halifax dreamed of a London, Berlin, Rome axis says historian William Manchester. He sold out France and Czechoslovakia while at the same time saving Hitler’s butt from a German officer’s coup which Chamberlain had been fully informed of ahead of time. In fact, it may have been his fear that Hitler might actually be toppled from power that precipitated his trips to Munich in the first place. He outright lied to his own people about Ashley Montague’s returning to Hitler, $48 Million in gold already deposited in the Bank of England by Czechoslovakia. He only turned against Germany when finally Hitler made a non-aggression pact with Chamberlain’s real enemy ... Soviet Russia.
Hitler could have no better leader for his British Fifth Column than Neville Chamberlain. If ever there was a case for treason to be brought against a British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain is the man. But if Neville was to be brought up on charges of treason after the war, it seems that half of Britain’s upper crust, including Edward VIII the ex-King of England, would have been hung on the same gallows.
It is too bad for History that Britain (and the United States) had no Nuremberg type war crimes trials in their respective countries after World War II. I have no doubt that this current world would be quite a different place.
Neville Chamberlain gives pacifism a bad name. He wanted War and promoted War ... War between Germany and Russia.

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