Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mein Kampf - Chapter 8 Part II

Hitler’s Religion

[In rereading this piece I must say that it somewhat shocks me when I consider that this entire series on Adolf and Mein Kampf was written during the 1990’s. The conclusion seems rather prescient.]

By Richard E. Noble

“… freedom of the press (as one calls this nuisance of unpunishable lying to, and poisoning of, the people) . .
The press has always been a problem. And its suppression goes back as far as its initiation. No power enjoys criticism. But the press is subject to all of the human trappings of power and wealth. After World War I, it was exposed that many of the world’s most established newspapers were owned by arms merchants who manipulated the events of the day in an effort to sell their products. Thus enhancing and prolonging war for monetary benefit. I doubt that the truth of this can be rewritten today. And I would go so far as to state that if today our current news media and press is not owned and somewhat manipulated by arms merchants, it is for the most part owned and operated by the international business community. There may still be a number of Mom and Pop type newspapers around the country, but if they say anything very important or begin to gain a radical readership they will be crushed by the big boys very quickly.
Do we have a ‘free’ press, today?
We have a different type of suppression. Instead of denying anyone their right to publish, the established press and media simply dilute any unapproved assertions with a plethora of conflicting stories and information designed to make any accusation so confusing as to make an informed decision on the part of the general population impossible. Even if one newspaper or media source states the absolute truth on a controversial matter, a thousand other sources will flood the market with obfuscating material, and even misinformation and lies until even the truth becomes unrecognizable, or too confusing to be brought to an intelligent conclusion. And I really don’t think that I have stated anything here that most of America doesn’t already know. But maybe this is exactly what a ‘free’ press is supposed to be, and we can only hope that after all is said and done the majority of the people will be discerning enough to sort the fact from the fiction. I personally feel that though most of us do not know the entire truth on any given subject matter, when we hear it the majority of us will recognize it. But, on the negative side, this does return everything to the category of opinion, and personal interpretation. So then how does one establish truth?
We try to convince ourselves that Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin killed forty or twenty millions of their own people but our common sense tells us that is impossible. It is possible that neither Adolf nor Uncle Joe ever killed anybody. The true fact is that the German and Russian people slaughtered one another, and this cannot be denied. And it is quite evident that human beings have been slaughtering one another since the beginning of the species. We can go all the way back to the biblical legacy of the story of Cain and Able if we like, and I am sure that all cultures have their own parable to confirm the slaughtering inclination.
The immediate cause always seems to be politics, the underlining cause economics, but does the ‘real’ cause go deeper than this? Is destructiveness a very part of the very nature of man?
I know of no one who leads a totally positive life - always directing themselves to creative and positive ends. Most of us are a balance of positive and negative inclinations. What is the source of our discontents and hatreds? Why is mankind continually involved it its own slaughter? Because we are beast of prey who survive on blood? Does our fear of death and the unknown cause us to race towards it? Does our frustration with our own unexplained and undetermined existence fill us with hate and discontent for ‘existence’ itself? Is the killing of others actually an act of cowardice in the face of our own suicide, or our inability to face up to our own mortality and finiteness? Do we all secretly harbor a wish to die and face up to the unknown? What is the inner psychological dilemma that burns inside even those born to the best of circumstances? Or is it all simply part and parcel of the competitive ‘instinct’ with no more thought behind it than the push to win?
In your personal life how much or how many of your hobbies and life activities are directed towards positive life-sustaining and life fulfilling ends, and how much or how many of your hours are spent in destroying what you think or are pretending to build?
Dominance … is this not the key to the nature of our species suggests Adolf. No matter how humble our individual attributes do we all not consider ourselves the equal of all others? And when we are not shown this respect do we not fight? Why is it easier to arouse human anger than to arouse human compassion? Why do so many of us recognize compassion and understanding as weakness and violence and brutality as strength? Are we a psychologically sick species? Isn’t the human ego a species problem?
The Biblical sin was to eat the apple, but the apple was from the tree of knowledge and with this knowledge Adam and Eve would become the equal of God. And what is God? God is the controlling dominating force of the Universe.
Man (Adam/Eve) wishes to be God. This being impossible he (Mankind) opts in his Faiths to be or become an eternal never ending part of the God Immortal. Is not the man-beast species an egomaniac? Knowing this tendency on the part of the basic beast, is it not easiest to appeal to this dominant, egomaniacal bent of the species?
We always say that man is frightened of the unknown? But isn’t it fear that leads the courageous to challenge? Aren’t we all a combination of fear and courage? At moments of courage we challenge our fears. We face death and wish to spit in His (the Creator of the evil circumstance) eye. And isn’t God also the power behind Death? Do we all not wish to secretly challenge God, to become God, to at least be a soldier in his army/gang - the army that will one day rule the world?
Adolf is doing exactly what he said must be done. He is creating a Faith. A Faith based on the ego, dominance and conceit of man. A Faith founded on the ‘true’ principles of existence ... life … death and man’s ability to create and control both. Its founding principle is the inevitability of the cruelty and destruction of ‘Nature’. But Nature, as with God, works in mysterious ways. He kills the apparently innocent; he purifies the species with floods, famine, disease, and wars. To act in accord with Nature is to follow the ‘Word’ of God. God (Nature) kills and destroys the unnecessary and inadequate. Man in his innocence and stupidity tries to preserve the inadequate and unnecessary. The survival instinct is a part of the nature of even the ‘inadequate’ and the ‘unnecessary’.
It is the mission of the followers of the Nazi believers to carry out the true ‘will’ of The One True God; the God that we see all about us in our daily lives; the God that kills our mothers and fathers; the God that destroys our weak babies; the God that plagues us with famines, floods, and strife that leads to war. War is one of the tools of God to be used by man to express His Will.
Adolf is a preacher. He has a philosophy and a religion. It is based on what he sees as the reality of the human experience and as with all religions it seeks to justify the evil in and about us and bring the end to perfection.
In Adolf s perfect world/heaven, we will have the evolution of the perfect human species. In Adolf’s religion he also seeks to justify his own evil. He not only justifies the evil that he sees about him in the world, but he incorporates into this scheme his own personal malignancies - his desire for revenge, killing, and cruelty.
In Adolf’s religion all of these things are a part of the obvious truth of ‘Nature’ or the Divine. We should not discourage these tendencies within ourselves. Cruelty is not cruelty. It is Divine benevolence. Killing is not killing. It is assisting the Divine in His goal of creating the evolution of the perfect human species. We are assisting Nature, not going against it. And we should not feel guilty about any of this, because it is without question, simply an extension of the Divine Will. We mustn’t fear death; it is inevitable. We mustn’t feel guilty about killing. It is the tool of God as exhibited through Nature. I personally should feel no guilt about the killing that I participated in during World War I. It was an honor to be a part of God’s plan and participate in the purification of the species. The only thing wrong with the war was that too many of God’s chosen people were destroyed, primarily due to the temporary rise of cowardly, treasonous thinking on the part of the inferior that dwell amongst us. This will all be accounted for in the next encounter.
Adolf obviously has a problem coming to grips with ‘guilt’. Don’t we all? Is guilt a natural phenomena or a man made creation? Are we born with feelings of guilt in our basic nature, and like sex, they emerge as we mature? If Guilt is learned, and we learn it from our parents; where did they learn it? As with our basic inclination towards our personal destruction due to the frustration of our ‘existence’ situation, and as a residue or scapegoat our desire to destroy others, and our inclination towards egomania, do we not also have an inclination towards guilt? If there were no such inclination, where would it evolve from? And do we also not have an inclination towards some sort of fair play and justice?
All of the religions and the history of mankind are a testimony to our concern with these subjects. Adolf pacified his personal Guilt by seeking to justify his past killings with the inevitableness of death and the indiscriminant, seemingly immoral behavior of God acting through his earthly educator ... Mother Nature.
Mother Nature kills. She kills cruelly, and without apparent justification. But Her goal is to work as a silent (invisible) hand slashing with her sword the weeds of her creation. Adolf sought to replace the philosophy of ‘love’, not with the philosophy of ‘Hate’, but with the philosophy of ‘Justifiable Cruelty’.
“... For an institution which is no longer determined to defend itself with all weapons practically gives itself up ...”
I see no indication in the philosophy or religion of Adolf of the concept of other-worldly justification. Nor do I see any individual salvation or personal ‘soul’. So for what reason should a soldier in the religion of Adolf sacrifice his existence? And if he does, what will be his reward for doing so?
The goal of the soldier in the Army of the Faithful to Adolf is the creation of the perfect race - a perfect race that will dominate the perfect nation; the perfect nation that will eventually populate the perfect world.
But what happens to me, the sacrifice-ee in this process of national and racial perfection? I’ve yet to hear of any type of Nazi Heaven. Nor do we hear mention of any Nazi rebirth, or reincarnation, nor eternal life. So I should kill and be willing to die basically for the eventual propagation of my race, and the eventual rule of my children and their children’s children rule and dominance of the planet. Is this not the covenant of Abraham, minus the circumcision?
In the United States soldiers have died and continue to die for their right to be ‘free’, and an institution that will attempt to preserve that right into perpetuity. We also have no mention of an eternal reward for doing so. Obviously this idea of a reward, a final or eternal reward is not necessary to convince the species to die or give up their lives. Again does it not appear that there is some sort of natural inclination to die and/or to kill?
To challenge the demon ‘Death’ who is always lurking just one small step ahead of us. Is pride in Nation or preservation of one’s ‘kind’ a stronger motivation than even the lure of heaven and eternal salvation?
Adolf promises no afterlife reward, no eternity in paradise. He promises recognition now and only for so long as you have the power to hold it. What emotion is he tapping into?
Does the term ‘American’ hold the same lure to Americans; or Russian to the Russian, etc. etc.? Or is the spirit and emotion called into play here that of the nature of power and dominance? If you are one with me, you will have authority over others. You will be able to kill those whom you wish to kill; enslave those whom you wish to enslave; rape those you wish to rape; torture those you wish to torture; revenge your status, or position in life; take the possessions and wealth of those you deem unfit and so forth.
Napoleon offered the citizens and army of France a similar proposition, and they clamored to join. Is this or has this not been the appeal of military minded throughout history?
If we cannot gain what we want by playing according to the current rules of the game, or if we consider those rules or opportunities to be stacked in the favor of the ‘others’, then lets take what we want by force; let’s cast off all the rules of the past and make our own game; and to the victor belongs the spoils; and the authority to kill and plunder.
Did the Communist revolution not offer a similar opportunity to plunder the wealth and possessions of others - to change your class? Is it the basic competitive hatred that we hold towards one another that is the driving force in this movement?
And is this social competitive force, stronger than religion; stronger than the productive and creative urges? Is the desire on the part of the human species to hate, kill, and destroy even stronger than its desire to build, create and reproduce the species?
“… The Jew will certainly raise an enormous clamor in his newspapers, once the hand is put on his favorite nest and an end is made to the misuse of the press, and once also this instrument of education is put into the service of the state and is no longer left in the hand of strangers and enemies of the people. But I also believe that this will annoy us younger ones less than it did our fathers. A 30cm shell has always hissed more than a thousand Jewish newspaper vipers; therefore let them hiss …”
Knowing ‘The Final Solution’ one can only consider this a threat. But this book was written in 1923, but even so, the message seems clear ... a bullet will quiet the Jew opposition one day in the future.
There still remains the question; where does this hate for the Jew come from? How powerful were the Jews at this time in Germany? Did they own all of the newspapers, or number enough to overpower the ‘truth’? Was this a rich/poor thing? Did the Jews control the majority of the wealth of the nation? Were the Jews better off than the majority of the population? Did they flaunt their superiority, thus raising the ire of the ‘common’ man?
Adolf again is living up to his intellectual commitment of presenting to the ‘simple-minded common man’, one enemy. The Jew is a composite of all of the evil of the German society and the world. Destroy the Jew and you will rid the world of all its evil.
Tom Paine said abolish the notion of Kings and their inherited right to rule and the world will find peace and prosperity.
Karl Marx said remove the upper classes and the proletariat and the ‘congenial workers of the world’ will live in peace and happiness.
But the ‘Upper Class’ continues to be born anew and finds its premise of superiority born again in the simplest of peasant hearts. As George Orwell points out in his creation “Animal Farm” the pigs replace the tyrannical farmer and become themselves the tyrants of the barnyard.
So is it the Kings? Is it the wealthy industrialists? Is it the upper crust? Is it the mean nasty old Farmer ruling unjustly over all us little innocent pigs? Or is it a characteristic of the human species that must be recognized, brought forward, faced up to, dealt with, and recognized not only in our enemies but within our own ranks, and our personal souls or psyches?
Religions create ‘The Devil’; a method of externalization. Psychologically it is difficult to hate ourselves, to recognize an evil within us, and maybe it is even harmful to do so. So externalize the evil. Call it the devil, and make it not a part of our own creation, not a part of ourselves. But we can’t physically beat up the devil. We can’t grab him by the ears and shake the Hell out of him. We need a real outlet for our frustrations. Let’s find someone real whom we can beat and punish, and make ourselves feel better. Let’s re-name the devil and give him a corporal existence. Let’s call him a Jew, or a Red, or a chink, or a nigger, or a Noble, or a Liberal, or a Capitalist ... an enemy. Let’s convince ourselves and others that he is not one of us, and incorporate into him all the hateful attributes of evil.
Isn’t this exactly what Adolf has been telling us all along that he intended to do? Is this not the method, the program, the plan? And when Adolf and his philosophy eventually exterminated the Jews, and the Gypsies, and the Slavs, and the Poles and the Russians, and the French, and the Arabs and the Oriental and the indigenous native and Indian populations of his conquered world, and there were only the poor white of his Aryan to overpopulate the world, would he then, or the followers of his teaching, not be forced to prey upon, his own kind? And is this all not self destructive and ... suicidal? Is to kill others, man’s secrete wish to destroy himself; to end the paradox of his confusing existence; to face the final unknown?
We could only wish that those who are overpowered by this inclination would take the plunge themselves, and leave the rest of us ‘cowards’ behind to wallow in our fear and trepidation. But to say this is to say that Adolf had no real cause, and that he was not a martyr for some principle.
We could say the same of Jesus Christ or any other who has lost his existence in the name of ‘his people’, or ‘his country’, or ‘his cause’. What was Adolf’s cause?
Revenge … retribution … justification of the lost lives of his comrades in World War I? Escape from the humiliation of defeat? Is the Spirit of Adolf the spirit of the species?
Winston Churchill said something to the effect that every defeated nation should have an Adolf Hitler. The Catholic Pope praised Adolf’s courageous leadership as late as the year 1938. Adolf was a patriot who told his people that they were not defeated; that they could be reborn to greatness; that they were the greatest people on the planet; that they were, in fact, a superior race. Let’s try this out on ourselves.
In America we have the greatest Democracy in the History of mankind. We have a blend of all of the greatest cultures of the world forming our nation into a chain stronger than any that has ever been constructed. We are a weld even stronger than the original link. WE are THE super power. We are technologically and scientifically more advanced than any culture that is today or has ever been in the past. We have the knowledge, the power, the potential greatness to establish peace in the world. We have risen to this position as a matter of our personal destiny. We were the first to hold the power of the atomic bomb and only through our wisdom and generosity has it not been used more often. We believe in peace, justice and the rights of all men to live free lives according to our principles. If there were to be only one country to hold for ever more all of the power in this chaotic world, it should be the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. For alone in this one nation is contained the wisdom of all nations. The United States of America should, shall and will one day determine the fate of all of the peoples of the world. To deny this is to deny truth, and Providence, and accept cowardly inaction in place of our Manifest Destiny. We, the people of America, ARE the people of the world. Through our example and our principles, and our government we have a responsibility to lead the way and to take our place as one of the greatest nations of people to ever populate this planet. Do not step aside and allow lesser nations, those bent on dominance, inequality and prejudice to prevail. We must, one and all, stand up and be counted, we should have no fear but fear of greatness itself to conquer. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for us.
Sound good? How would it sound if you were a citizen of Slumbovia or Russia or China or anywhere but here? The appeal of power and greatness; even to be one in the army of the ‘great’ sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? And what have you got anyway, piece of crap that you are? Do you have a job? Can you support your family? Do you have money for tonight’s supper? Come with me and you will never want for a supper again. People will stand to attention when you walk by. You will wear the uniform of the elite. Your very presence as a member of my group will demand respect. You will be a proud member of the S.S., (or the U.S.S.)
Is pride a disease? Is love of one’s country an irrational sickness? Is the lure of the Military different in any nation? Are the principles that this nation teaches its soldiers different from those taught by other nations? Are they different from what is being taught to soldiers in Communist nations? Is it a problem to have Nations? Is the answer World Government? A World Army to keep the peace? A world market place? A world currency?
This is the direction of the world today. The money flow and creation is leading the way. Many people are still debating the trend, but the reality of today’s world makes them sound like people who are still advocating the horse and cart over the automobile, or the pen or pencil over the computer. Science, technology and economics drag us into the future and we struggle at the reins like the driver on a run away surrey. We can only hope somehow to regain control.