Saturday, June 19, 2010

Review Eastpointer

The Eastpointer

Book Review

By Richard E. Noble

This book doesn’t owe me a nickel. I was paid to write all the stories in this book by a local newspaper in my adopted hometown of Eastpoint, Fl. I was also awarded a first place for humor from the Florida Press Association with regards to this column and these stories in 2007.

The publisher/editor of the paper wrote in his departure that my column the “Eastpointer” was the most popular and most read column in the paper.

I tried to make people laugh or at least smile at themselves ... or at me and my local friends.

I published this first volume because of the advice of a friend. He said that I should publish these stories over my protest that they were of a local nature and not of much interest to “outsiders.” My friend felt otherwise. I re-read my stories with a different perspective and agreed with my buddy. Most of the stories in this series have a universal quality that folks either from the big city or a small town can associate with. After all they are stories about living in a small town that are written by a guy from the big city. They are all “Americana” and should be fun entertainment for anybody.

The majority of the stories are witty or humorous and I would like to think may even contain small bits of wisdom here and there.

I would also like to emphasize that these are “stories” and not so much newspaper columns. Each story has a beginning, middle and end. They are not about the “news” they are about the town and its people.

This is a fun book about a “different” type community and the people who live there. I will be publishing a second volume in this series in the coming year (2011).

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