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Mein Kampf

Mein Kampf

Chapter 5 Part II

By Richard E. Noble
I do not know if there is anything to this notion of a Jewish conspiracy, but for the sake of my next point let us assume for the moment that it is a complete fabrication. So, in the light of this, how did Adolf create this phenomenal hatred for these people inside the borders of his nation?
Well, first he picked the scab of an already existing wound. There is a long world history of hate for Jews. He intensified the hatred by providing arguments that connected the Jew in some way to every existing problem of his country. Unfortunately he seemed to have a good deal of support in this effort from other writers, and propagandists of the day. He then demonized these people. Just as he explained the Allies had demonized ‘the Hun’. There is nothing unusual here. You can’t hate anything without turning it into something loathsome. If your goal is to hate women or men for example, you have to transform all of their positives into negatives. In the case of women you have to make them ugly, manipulative, insensitive, unfaithful, insincere, cruel, self-seeking and so on. We all do this every day in our relationships. If you are trying to create feelings of love you do just the opposite. Victor Hugo made a criminal the hero of his Les Miserables by giving him and heaping upon him all the qualities of a human being that we love and respect.
It is one thing to de-humanize a group of people to another group of people in order to arouse competition and hatred. Football coaches do this every weekend. But to turn this vindictiveness, or competitive antagonism into one that permits murder, torture and the like, is another thing. But yet it is a thing that is done throughout History, and in the daily lives of every nation. When I look at our own country, I ask myself where a scab such as this could be picked to the point of murder and torture.
The first area should be obvious to us all. The black and white relationship in America is an obvious one. Whether it is black on white or white on black, it is a wound that has been scabbing over for two hundred years.
I have heard white people accuse the black race in America of everything from the failures of our school systems to the loss of the war in Vietnam. How easy it would be to pick this scab and create an atmosphere of hate in the white for the black to the point of torture and murder. In fact, it has already been done in our past history. But could we raise this historical scab to the point of genocide? To the point where whites could take the black babies out of the arms of black mothers, toss them into the air and catch them on their bayonets, as the Germans have been accused of doing?
Well, what if we add to this country’s present list of woes, an economic depression, massive unemployment, political unrest, families distraught, broken and splintered by alcoholism and poverty. What if we created this situation by precipitating an economic collapse in order to accomplish this very goal ... to rid our nation of the ‘black plague’, and return them to their proper positions as slaves, and property to be bought and sold? We have to create an atmosphere that will produce deprivation and frustration in the white community. Get them all so hateful of their life situation that they are on the brink of despair, and then point them in the proper direction. Give them a rational, acceptable outlet for their hatred. Tell them that if it weren’t for ‘these’ people all of these horrible things wouldn’t have happened to them and their families.
I don’t think that the American people as a whole could do this. I really don’t think that any people could have done this, but yet it happened. And so in this same manner blacks have been lynched in this country, and murdered, but not as a part of sanctioned Government policy, Law, or National acceptance and participation. Of course, the ethnic Indian situation is another story. Could such a thing happen in our country?
I guess that is why I continue to analyze Adolf Hitler and his philosophy of hate. I want to know how he created monsters out of a whole nation of people. I want to know what type of thinking, what type of propaganda ... but even as I make these statements I listen to the news and hear of the atrocities in Bosnia, and Croatia, and Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq and I realize, I mustn’t be so optimistic about the goodness, and moral character of myself and my fellow citizens. I can only hope that no matter what the circumstances, I would not become a Nazi.
In Chapter eight, Adolf has returned home from the war. Germany is in a state of internal revolution. Adolf describes the situation in Munich.
“...The situation was untenable and urged necessarily towards a further continuation of the Revolution. Eisner’s death only hastened developments and led finally to the Soviet dictatorship, or, in other terms, to a temporary reign of the Jews as it had been originally intended by the originators of the whole revolution...”
In a footnote it is stated:
“... Hitler, with no home to which to return - he had been out of touch with his family for years - walked to Munich, and arrived there shortly after the murder of Kurt Eisner, who had headed the revolution that had driven the Wittelsbachs from their thrones and had then - up to the time of his assassination by Count Arco-Valley - been Prime Minister of Bavaria. Eisner, a Jew and not a native born Bavarian, was an idealist who had been jailed during the War for writing pacifist tracts ... he set about attempting to prove to the Allies that Germany’s workers fully acknowledged the guilt of the former imperial government in starting the War, and were therefore entitled to a just peace ... The Eisner regime was succeeded by a Socialist government which in turn was driven out of Munich by a ‘Soviet Dictatorship’ ... Several Moscow agents appeared in Munich, and two of them were Jewish...”
Well, do we need to say more? From Adolf’s point of view, there it is ... Jews, reds, Soviet Marxist, pacifists, sycophants, taking over by revolution at a point when the government was vulnerable, the rightful government of his country, and all trying to save their butts with the Allies by admitting their guilt in starting the war.
“… On April 27, 1919, early in the morning, I was supposed to be arrested; but in facing the rifle they presented, the three fellows lacked the necessary courage and marched away in the same manner in which they had come...”
Adolf walked away from three armed soldiers, basically telling them that they didn’t have the guts to shoot him. Obviously Adolf, by his own account and other accounts in the historical record, was a brave man - fearless in the eyes of death. He goes on to explain the feeling of he and some of his ex-soldier friends.
“… All of us were more or less firmly convinced that Germany could no longer be saved from the approaching collapse by the parties of the November crime, the Center party, and Social Democracy...”
So there we have it, a soldier comes back from a bitter and bloody war to find his homeland in shambles and in a state of revolution. The government is being taken over by a foreign country, with some kind of unpatriotic, non-nationalist gibberish about a world revolution of international workers. There’s fighting in the streets, and these revolutionaries even go so far as to attempt to arrest him, a hardened soldier who had just walked home from dodging bullets, bombs, and poison gas at the front. He laughs in their faces, turns his back on them and challenges them to shoot him in the back, if they have the balls. On top of all of this, this group of November criminals who are trying to destroy the nationhood of Germany by preaching a “Jew” philosophy is filled with other leading and well known Jews of the time. So he and his ex-G.I. buddies start their own revolutionary party which they name the ‘Social Revolutionary Party’.

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