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Noble Universe

Noble Universe

By Richard E. Noble

Space = that which surrounds, defines, and separates matter.
Matter = that part of the universe containing something other than space. Then;

Space + Matter = Universe

Where there is no matter, there is Space? Where there is no space, there is matter?
Where the universe is ‘empty’, it contains space.
If there is a ‘horizon’ to the Universe, or even an end to the matter contained in the universe, beyond the ‘horizon’ of matter there exists ‘space’.
Conclusion: The universe is infinite. It can not be round, flat, conical, or curved, etc. because shape demands dimension. Space is of necessity dimension-less. The matter of the Universe can be arranged into a shape, but when space is added, the Universe then once again becomes dimension-less or infinite.
By logical definition this must be true. If space can be contained what then would it be contained in? Space cannot be contained; it is the container.

Space + mater = universe = infinity.
Existence = Existence

IF all that exists could be turned into non-existence. Then the Universe, life and all existence would be over – and it would be over forever. For once something is “nothing” its capacity to become anything has been removed. This is the definition of “nothing” or non-existence … Having no capacity to ever become something.
If “nothing” has the capacity to become something … then it wouldn’t be “nothing”.
Nothing’ can not be turned into something. Even God, if He is, can not become “nothing”. For if He truly could turn Himself into nothing He would then not have the ability (now being absolutely nothing) to turn Himself back into something. Where would the power of transformation come from? That which exists cannot be made into nothing or annihilated. Something can only be changed into something else. Matter could be dissolved into space, and possibly matter could be diffused into space, transforming the universe into an infinity of light or energy, but it can not just disappear into ‘nothing’. Why? Because ‘nothing’ is ‘nothing’ . Conclusion; there is no alternative to existence.

Existence = Existence


Existence = Space + Matter = Universe = infinity


Time = lapses between events in the universe.
Because there is or was at one point no observer to an event in space, does that mean that such events never did, or do not occur?
I don’t think so. Stars explode in the heavens whether there is anyone to watch or not. Therefore Time, as defined, exists. It is the pause, no mater how calculated, observed, or recorded between events occurring in space. Then Existence contains not only space, and matter, but time.

Existence + time + space + matter = Universe = infinity

Motion could be interpreted similarly. But Time and Motion are concepts; they do not have existence in and of themselves.
Time is a measurement between the events of matter.
Motion is a description of the activity of matter; energy is a conversion of matter.
What then is space? Is Space a concept or a ‘real’ thing existing in itself? If space is not something in and of itself but only a contingency of matter then:

Existence = matter = universe = infinity

Matter = light + energy + mass + material + elements + space + time.
If space is not the container for matter, but a property of matter, then to remove all matter form the Universe would be the destruction of the Universe. For when all of matter would dissipate or disappear; so to would all of the properties of matter - space, for example, merely being the nothingness between an electron and its nucleus.
If space is something in and of itself, something that can exist even without the presence of matter; if matter could be turned into energy and energy then dissipated into nothing (non-existence); but space would remain; then space would be God - that which could exist in an of itself property-less, dimension-less; without beginning; without end.

If space is possible as an entity within itself, could it have consciousness?
If space could exist without dependency on matter or energy, and be aware of its own existence, then God would be possible and so would the soul. But then where would matter have come form? Something can not come from nothing.
The question remains, is space something?
A rocket ships travels in space. It floats between the earth and the moon. It takes time for the rocket to get from the earth to the moon, or from a satellite to reach Mars. If there is no such thing as space, why does it take time to get from one planet to another? What is the Satellite floating in when it is between destinations of matter?
If space exists, then it must be able to produce matter. Or space is in reality matter in a transitory form; space being a form of matter existing between matter and energy.

Space = matter = energy = light = existence = Universe = infinity

Then, what is motion and time?

Motion is the movement or activity of matter in space.
Time is the lapse existing between the various positions of a unit of matter in motion.
Is motion real?
Is time real?
They are not real things in themselves, but they do exist, and are observable properties of matter.

Do time and motion require and observer?
Ohhh, yawn, yawn ... see you in the morning, my thoughtful friends.

A new day.

If space, in another manner, is the distance between me and my computer, what is it that keeps me and my computer from becoming one? Something is separating me from my computer.
We call this “space”.
If we place me and my computer into a large tube and then we pump all of the air and atmosphere or whatever out of the tube, wouldn’t you think then, that I would be slammed into my computer, or that me and my computer would be blended into one?
If all the “stuff” that is between me and my computer has been removed, what would keep us apart?
Instead we both end up floating around in the vacuum. What is it in the vacuum that is keeping us apart? Space? What is space?
Albert Einstein said that the luminiferous aether as proposed by Lorentz even after the Michelson-Morley experiment would prove to be “superfluous”.
Is that the same as saying that the aether does not exist?
Or is that simply stating that as a part in a mathematical equation it has no significance?
I am unable to remove the thought of “space” as being ‘something’ from my mind. A universe of matter without a space between and all around is incomprehensible to me at the moment.
What stops things in orbit about the earth from simply combining and forming into one mass? What keeps one satellite or object separate from another? Space? What is space?
Whatever it is – it must be something.

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