Tuesday, October 10, 2006




By Richard E. Noble

It all begins with little girls who giggle and chide,
and little boys who twiddle and hide.

Then pink bows give way to rosy breasts,
and baseball gloves to hairy chests.

And then it’s ... Would you like to dance?
and breathless moments we call romance

filled with starry nights and tear filled eyes,
and tender moments bathed in love’s sighs.

It’s Christmas and candy, and everyone’s dream.
It’s lipstick and kisses ... it’s roses ... it’s strawberries
and cream;

followed by golden slippers, and silken vails,
a blushing bride and tuxedo tails.

It’s two by two and all that’s due,
to a boy and girl in love their whole life through.

Then with hardly a notice, it’s bubbly eyes and goo-goo cries,
it’s ‘Mommy’ ... ‘Daddy’ runny noses and teary eyes.

Before you know it, it’s swimming meets, P.T.A. and cookie jars,
payment books, baiting hooks, and second hand cars.

Then what do you know were closing the show,
and all our thoughts are back to rosy breasts with little pink bows,

and memories of sweet little girls who giggle and chide,
and bashful boys who twiddle and hide.

So squeeze your tickets and hold on tight
to the fleeting moments,
the hugs and kisses,
and those sweet smelling seconds of romantic flight
through the smiles and tears of life’s pale moon light.

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