Monday, October 02, 2006

Commie vs. Nazi


By Richard E. Noble

Here is a problem of American history that has always baffled me.
We fought World War II in order to defeat Nazism and the Imperialism of the Japanese. In this battle, the greatest and most horrid and destructive human confrontation of all time, our allies were among others, Russia and China. The Chinese suffered tragically in this battle, and the Russians may have had more causalities than all of the other allies combined. Without the Russians it is doubtful that the German Nazis would have been defeated. But yet after this cooperative victory is there an embrace of our Russian (and Chinese) allies, and a punishment of our barbaric Nazi enemies?
Not exactly; in fact, not hardly.
After the war billions and billions of taxpayer dollars are dumped and lavished upon our enemies while those who died fighting for our cause, side by side and dead body for dead body, were ridiculed and humiliated.
This is confusing enough, but, it doesn’t end here. Also Nazi criminals and murders who were condemned to death by declaration of an Allied tribunal, at Nuremberg, were secreted out of Germany and into our own country as members of our CIA, our Rocket program, our Science, Research, and investigative agencies. And it goes on. Prominent Nazi’s Murders and successful businessmen who backed the Nazi movement financially were not only not punished, but like Alfried Krupp, the munitions magnate who murdered thousands in his slave factories, had their fortunes restored. Alfried went on with our help to become the richest man in the world before he died.
And then at home we have a powerful movement called McCarthyism that seeks to condemn the incorporation of criminal Nazis within our Government?
No ... there is no mention of Nazis. Suddenly we have no fear of a political philosophy that advocates the eventual destruction, murder and enslavement, of all of its opponents, and we become deathly afraid of a political philosophy which states that a Society should encourage and benefit from those that are able, and give assistance to those who are in need.
If I am not mistaken the only political party ever to be outlawed in this country where we value above all other values the free expression of ideas is the Communist party, while the Nazi Party, a party that has as its fundamental principle the torture, murder, and enslavement of the majority of mankind, is not only not outlawed but its members are protected as they march through neighborhoods of escapees from their Nazi reign of terror.
I don’t get it. Maybe you can help me here?

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