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The Secret War Again

The Secret War Against the Jews

John Loftus and Mark Aarons

Book review

By Richard E. Noble
John Loftus was a former prosecutor for the U.S. Justice Department’s Nazi-hunting unit. He has been a consultant for CBS and ABC. And he is now the director of the Jewish Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg Fl. - quite and achievement for an Irish Catholic born in Boston. His co-author, Mark Aaron’s is a broadcaster and investigative reporter who lives in Sydney Australia.
For the most part I do not usually read books of this type - “I Spy” books. I have read a few but they are beyond my mental deviousness. By the time you usually get done reading one of these books you are no longer capable of distinguishing up from down or right from left. This book is no different but I chose to read it because of John Loftus’ unique background and qualifications and because the first part of the book was to deal with “history” - pre-cold war and then through the cold war; the period from 1920 to 1947. I wanted to see if the spy version of history ran parallel with the historian’s versions that I have been reading.
From this perspective Mr. Loftus’ book does support and corroborate what I have been reading and the insights that I have been presuming. I am referring here to the first 100 pages - the rest of the book is food for speculative thought for me. I could not verify it from any of my readings and though the book contains nearly 150 pages of footnotes the footnotes are not of a typical nature. When you turn from the text to go to the footnote you find that the footnote lists an interview or a conversation with a “secret” source who can not reveal his identity. The book does contain many valid source notes but a good amount is of this secret, unrevealable nature. So the bottom line is that the book requires and lot of “faith” - which is not one of my strong points.
The book suggests an on-going “conspiracy” among the various powers of the world to undermine the Jews and their attempts to establish the nation of Israel. At first thought this seems ludicrous, but when put beside what I have already read with regards to the intrigues involved with the establishment of Nazism, fascism, Communism and the Western world anything becomes possible.
It seems that in terms of these traditional concepts the Arabs are the Nazis and the Jews are the Communists. Just as the West (Capitalist wealth) built, surreptitiously, the fascists and the Nazis (Mussolini and Hitler) to combat Communism (Stalin/labor revolution) only to have it backfire into World War II; so too has it been with the Jews (Communist) and the Arabs (Nazis).
This conspiracy begins with three main characters - Jack Philby, a British spy, Ibn Saud, Arab leader, and Allen Dulles, free world capitalist profiteer and head of American CIA. A biographer of Allen Dulles has written a book that was entitled “Gentleman Spy”. But after all that I have read about Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles, I would not consider either of them to be gentleman - in fact it is getting harder and harder to even considered them as Americans. Mr. Loftus accuses them of being two of the most corrupt and vicious traitors in all of American History. For those of you out there who are lovers or defenders of the American CIA, I challenge you to start reading about Allen Dulles.
Early on we learn about “Jack” Philby and his son, double agent Kim Philby; Ibn Saud and the Nazi and Wahhabi connection, and a mixture of U.S., British, and Russian Spies, the Balfour Declaration and all the various and nefarious intrigues surrounding the establishing of the State of Israel. The synopsis is clearly pro-Jewish. The early Zionist legitimately struggled, worked, bought and over-paid for all they possess in the area, according to the authors.
We know from reading conventional history that during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s the Jews were not the world’s favorite people. The spirit of anti-Semitism was not just in Germany but extended all over the world.
I have read many histories and attempts at explaining the source of this world hatred of the Jews - most of it pointing to the Jews as Christ killers, but Mr. Loftus does not find this entirely credible and on page 18 he explains; “The most persistent explanation for the hatred of the Jews by some Christians and Moslems is that they refused to accept Jesus and were punished for pursuing their own faith. Yet close to a majority of Jews in Nazi Germany either were agnostic or had been converted to Christianity for several generations. People who had never set foot in a synagogue and who were physically indistinguishable from others in the Aryan genetic pool found themselves loaded into boxcars and taken to death camps. Religious affiliation, on its own, cannot be ascribed as the source of prejudice ... Nearly 75 percent of Jews in Israel today are secular ... In language, culture and habits, the Hebrews and non-Hebrew Canaanite tribes were virtually indistinguishable. What made the cousins differ was literacy. What made the Jews unique to all other early cultures was that literacy became an obligation for the masses ... eighteen centuries ahead of the rest of the world, the Jews had compulsory public education. This early religious commitment to literacy was the secret of continuing Jewish success and the source of consistent envy ... For the next two thousand years the Jews were the only literate nomads on the face of the earth.”
So according to Mr. Loftus, the Jews educated their children and consequently their children became successful wherever they went in the world. Their success made them the envy of the neighborhood and community and therefore everyone wanted to beat them up, torture them to death and exterminate them as a race.
I don’t know if I can buy that explanation either. That blames the whole thing on ignorance, stupidity and jealousy. From what I can see some of the biggest and worst haters of the Jews have been the wealthy, the better educated and the very successful - it wasn’t a poor against the rich “thing” totally either.
The human race and the world at large have exhibited a similar attitude towards the black race. It is certainly not because they are well educated and envied by anybody.
Women in general have been treated miserably by all societies all over the world and for centuries - women are of all races, all religions and all classes. Why has the human race in general, chose to abuse women? Why do Mother’s abuse their children; why to husbands abuse their wives; why to children abuse their siblings and other children? Why is war so prevalent throughout all of human history? Why do living things eat other living things? If you believe in God, why did He create disease, suffering, pain, death and ... Hell? If you don’t believe in God or not, you must realize that abuse is indigenous to the life experience for the birds, the bees, the butterflies and the humans alike. We don’t need to know the cause of it - we only need to stop it - to control it and eventually eradicate it from our lives and hopefully the world.
We also have the Bible and its ancient superstitions to pile on top of the Jews. This seems to be our modern-day pagan mythology. If it wasn’t the Jews, it would be some other group. The human race is forever bent on violence, hate and the destruction of one group or another. They were doing the same thing and exhibiting this same behavior before the first Jew ever existed.
But let’s get off the philosophy and back to the politics. This political conspiracy against the Jews can be better understood as we link it up with the recent historical rivalries.
Just as the Western Industrialists and wealth owners and controllers used their wealth and power to support and build fascism and Nazism after World War I in western Europe while all the while pretending to champion the rights of the workers and the common man - even to the extent of including the Communist/Stalin as ally during World War II - so too was it with the Jews and the Arabs according to this account. While pretending to support the Jews the real money was going to the Arabs via “secret’ channels.
In the light of what is happening today this all seems rather far fetched. But when we note the progress of many of the Arab countries since World War I, it would be hard to deny that somebody has been supplying these folks with lots and lots of money. You say; Well they have all that oil. Yes, but that oil didn’t just jump out of the ground. So for those who have the money to invest who would you choose to back; the Arabs who have Oil, or the Jews who have nothing but a sad story and an excess of zeal and determination?
The book deals on a conspiracy and the hypocrisy that follows along with it - it gives the notion at times that “everyone” was of like mind and in on it. But I wonder if it isn’t more that different parties or groups in the power structures were choosing and supporting different sides - and often making choices in direct conflict with one another - often illegal and immoral choices. But as the book makes evident many people and businesses clearly get involved in what could only be termed as hypocritical and even treasonous behavior. The more I read my history the more commonplace treason seems to be involved in the lives of men of exceptional zeal in high places - the business world is notoriously treasonous.
The book has some very interesting sections. The section on the “Liberty”, an American spy ship involved in the six day war, I thought was certainly deserving of more investigation.
There was a section on the first Gulf war under George Herbert Walker Bush. The only other person who I have encountered to bring up similar points on the Kuwait situation was President Jimmy Carter. He was on PBS twice discussing this issue at the time. Both times at the crucial point in the interview my TV experienced “atmospheric” interference. I called the director at the station in my area. He feigned amazement and disbelief; I was pissed. He finally agreed to send me a transcript of the program. Jimmy Carter explained about the mutual oil well that was shared between Kuwait and Iraq and the diplomatic intrigues involved in precipitating the war. In this book the authors go further and
basically make the claim that Sadaam was given the green light by the ambassador and the administration.
Another very interesting section was on the Iran Contra episode. Although in previous chapters the book somewhat relieves the accusations against Bush #1 on the grounds that he was too stupid and naive to know any better - in this Contra section he is portrayed as the main character and orchestrator of the espionage. Ronald Reagan is hardly brought into the picture.
All in all I found the book interesting - now if I live long enough to see the legitimate history of these times unfold I will know if this man was accurate or not. The book contains enough substantiated truth to make its nebulous areas plausible - but only time will tell; but then again maybe it won’t.

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