Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Liberals are Nicer



Much Nicer than Conservatives

By Richard E. Noble

I have come to the conclusion that - unfortunately for the Liberals - they are much "sweeter" than the Conservatives.
Conservatives seem to be willing to say anything and everything that comes to their mind and everybody just laughs and thinks that they are the cleverest of people.

For example:

One conservative writer recently criticized the spouses of the 9-11 slaughter of being mercenary and money grubbing.

A very prominent Conservative elderly lady recently said that the fate of the poor people in Mississippi was really not that big a concern because the majority of "those" people were previously on welfare anyway. An editorial in the Wall Street Journal supported this allegation and added that there really were no poor in the United States. There was instead a criminal underclass of antisocial misfits who wouldn't work even if a good job walked up to them and slapped them in the face.

During a recent election a Vietnam veteran was called - by a Conservative group - to be a coward, a traitor and a liar - it was even insinuated that he had received his medals dishonorably.

In another recent election an incumbent Senator who was in a wheelchair and without both of his legs due to his combat veteran service in Vietnam - was put out of office by a Conservative who had never been in a war. The man who had never been in a war accused the Senator with no legs of cowardice and treason because he was not in support of the current president's war in Iraq.

A very well known Conservative commentator said on TV the other evening that the cause of poverty in America was well known and easily curable - he recommended curtailing teenage pregnancy. I presume that he would curtail this teenage pregnancy among the poor - because if a teenager was of a wealthy family and pregnant, there would be no problem.

A religious Conservative attributed the disaster in Mississippi to a knowing and willful act of God. He compared Mississippi to Sodom and Gomorra. New Orleans, to be more specific, had a long reputation of prostitution, crime and "sex." I must presume that amongst all those dead bodies floating around out there, there wasn't one good Christian.

Another religious Conservative was praising, on national TV, the wonder and glory of God for providing his chosen people (the Jews) with jet planes so that they now had the power and glorious ability to bomb and destroy pernicious and disgusting non-believers. It wasn't long ago that I received a pamphlet in the mail praising God for his divine providence in inflicting aids on the homosexual, poor and drug addicted communities.

Another prominent TV evangelist advised the assassination of foreign leaders who were not in accord with American beliefs. He advocated this policy as being a cheaper alternative than war. Again, I must presume that God has recently got into economics. It is suddenly somehow important to God that we kill people at a reasonable cost. I think this preacher has got God mixed up with Adolf Hitler and his solutions to the "Jewish Problem." But of course if his source of religious inspiration is the Old Testament, it would probably be difficult for him to distinguish between God and Adolf Hitler - or God and the Devil for that matter.

A Conservative editorialist has just placed in public print his notion that Meryl Streep, Bono, and other Liberal evangelists should discontinue their inane and idiotic attempts to feed the hungry, cure the sick and rid the world of poverty. He considers all of these problems to be an exaggeration of the truth and an economic burden to the "better off" of the world.

I read another fellow who protested that Mother Teresa was a hypocrite because she cared more about the souls of the poor than their bodies.

And the other Sunday afternoon I was watching an Evangelist explaining the current situation in Israel. He predicted a nuclear Holocaust - but this did not frighten him. On the contrary, it filled him with tears of joy and religious euphoria. He advised his viewers that when the bombs start dropping they should "look up" because Jesus will be coming down from the heavens to slay the anti-Christ and banish all the non-believing sinners to hell. He began to cry shedding tears of profound joy - for at last the world wound finally come to its deserved destruction and now we could all live happily ever after under the divine dictatorship of Christ. This man has been telling the exact same story for over thirty years now - the catastrophic events have changed over time but the conclusion is always the same. And this man was not broadcasting from a mental institution. He is "free" and I'll bet he is a Conservative Republican.

Now you would think that any decent, normal person would be ashamed to say these type things - even if they secretly harbored such thoughts - but they are not. So why are Liberals so nice?

I could go on and on but I would like to elevate this conversation ever so slightly by retreating into our modern history for a moment. I would like to go back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor.

I have been listening to and reading about the involvement of the "Liberal" hero of the Depression and World War II, FDR, being involved in a conspiracy to kill and destroy American soldiers at Pearl Harbor since as far back as I have memory. I think that there were at least four different investigations - initiated by Republican Conservatives of the day - into this possible conspiracy to kill Americans at Pearl Harbor and FDR’s involvement in precipitating this event - during the war years.

I was watching just the other week a Conservative who had written yet another book on this subject. In this book the author claimed to have new, definitive proof that FDR had murdered our brave soldiers stationed at Pearl Harbor. I have read at least ten different historians who have researched this subject and all deny any implication of FDR in any such conspiracy; but yet the accusations continue to grow on this subject.

This brings me up to the present day and the 9-11 tragedy. I have heard of no investigation into the president's possible complicity in the 9-11 catastrophe. I have heard no Liberal individual or group claiming that Mr. Bush may have mastermind the whole thing - as was the case with Pearl Harbor. Now history tells us that there is precedent for such suspicions - remember Adolf Hitler and the German Reichstag. And we know that the Conservative movement has its roots in Fascist and Nazi philosophy just as well as we know that the Liberals are linked to unions, labor and communism. And the Conservative movement today does not hesitate to support books and information that question and even accuse FDR of doing such a thing. How does George Bush escape such allegations? Is it so preposterous?

Is it not a fact that George Bush and his father have enhanced their recent fortune via oil adventures? Is it not common knowledge that both these presidents have intimate ties with the bin Laden family, oil and the arms industry? Was it not Grandfather Prescott Bush who had his fortune confiscated by the United States government during World War II for treasonous behavior - trading with the enemy, Nazi Germany? Was it not Neil Bush who was involved in the Silverado and Savings and Loan scandals? Has everyone not read about Zapata Oil, the Bush/bin Laden family connection, Conoco etc? Was not Daddy Bush involved in The Iran Contra Scandal - with heavy accent on arms and drug profiteering? Is there anything that could be considered below this family’s moral character when it comes to making money? The Bush family has a history of this very type involvement.

If allegations can continue with regards to FDR to this very day - doesn't anyone feel that possibly we need to take a tiny peek into the Bush family fortune and the possibility of there turning this world upside down for their personal gain? After all is not personal gain the founding principle of the Conservative philosophy - greed is good, you will remember.

But I hear no Liberals even suggesting such a thing. Do you think that if it were a Liberal Democrat in office when the 9-11 disaster occurred there would be no investigation or at least accusations of this sort?

Where are the hatchet men and women from the left? Where are the leftist Rush Limbaughs and Bill O’Reiley’s? It seems to me if there aren't any, some leftist political group ought to hire one or two. There are certainly plenty of dirty, terrible things that could be suggested with regards to the virtuous right and the moral majority - and the Bush family.