Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Nazism Backers

Nazism: Backers and Supporters

by Richard E. Noble

The list of Adolf’s and Nazism’s backers and supporters actually staggers one’s wildest imaginings. But let me just mention a few whose names you might recognize.
Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh; all three men were known anti-Semites. Edison, Ford’s former employer, is said to have been Henry’s mentor and inspiration in this area as well as others. Lindbergh helped to train Goring’s air force, and he and Henry both received medals for their efforts in support of the Nazi cause from Adolf Hitler. Hitler is quoted to have said;     “We look to Heinrick Ford as the leader of the growing Fascist movement in America.”
Chase National banking, Standard oil of New Jersey, Sterling Products, General Aniline and Film - these were all Rockefeller companies.; ITT, Sosthenes Behn, was executive owner; R.C.A corporation, headed by Colonel David Sarnoff; James D. Mooney, president Chevrolet Motor Company; Edsel Ford, almost indicted for treason; Montagu Normand, Governor of the Bank of England; Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of England and major shareholder in Imperial Chemical Industries, partner of I. G. Farben; B.I.S., Bank of International Settlements - fore-runner of World Bank - a Nazi money laundering machine; Allen and brother John Foster Dulles, head of C.I.A. and Secretary of State respectively, both worked for Sullivan and Cromwell law firm handling the American interest of I.G. Farben and other German Companies; Joseph P. Kennedy, American Ambassador to England was an accused anti-Semite; Nancy Astor and the “Cliveden Set”, super wealthy international group of Nazi supporters; Lord Beaverbrook, owner of ... Daily Express, Sunday Express, Evening Standard; Lord Rothermere, wealthy newspaper magnate; King Edward VIII, and bride, American Divorcee, Mrs. Simpson (spies for Hitler); Pope Pius the XII; The Du Pont family of Delaware, owners of controlling interests of General Motors, active Hitler supporters and though Jewish themselves, anti-Semites - they were also involved with I.G. Farben, founded The Liberty League, and financed Clark’s Crusaders (radical Fascists organizations); J.P. Morgan Banking system - Morgan Banking, Du Ponts, and General Motors actually planned violent overthrow of Roosevelt Government; Prescott Bush, George Hurbert Walker, Averell Harimam - all connected with Thyssen in money laundering/banking scandal involving the Union Banking Corporation.

With Families like the Fords, the Du Ponts, the Rockefellers, the Kennedys, the Bushes, the Morgans, and businesses and organizations like Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Remington Arms, Krupp, I.G. Farben, Standard Oil, Chase Banking, National City Bank, The Texas Company, RCA, GAF, the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and so many others, too many to mention, supporting the Nazi cause, one has to wonder how Hitler and his Nazis were ever defeated. Obviously men like Franklin Roosevelt and Morgenthau acted heroically, but there must have been some loyal super wealthy Capitalists whose money and efforts countered these fascists and fascist sympathizers in their attempt to rule the world; don’t you think? Or was it that the big boys simply play both ends against the middle no matter who happens to be dying? If that was the case then, why would it be any different today?

[Update to Morganthau Library: Curiously enough, in reading a biography of J. Edgar Hoover, “J. Edgar Hoover” - The Man and the Secrets - by Curt Gentry, on pages 389-390, Mr. Gentry tells about Agents from the FBI gaining entry to the Library and actually snipping out sections from the Dairies with scissors.]

Books used in gathering information for this article include: Hitler and his Secret Partners 1933-1945 by James Pool; Who Financed Hitler 1919-1933 by James Pool; Trading with the Enemy 193 3-1949 by Charles Higham; Hitler’s Secret Bankers by Adam LeBor; The American Axis by Max Wallace; The Duchess of Windsor by Charles Higham; The Arms of Krupp by William Manchester; The Secret War against the Jews by John Loftus.

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