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Nuremberg Trials

Nuremberg Trials

by Richard E. Noble

After W.W. II an international tribunal was set up in Nuremberg. Its purpose? Well ... that’s the question.
One faction says that the tribunal was set up to kill loyal Germans who had done nothing more than their duty as good soldiers, faithful to their country. The real purpose for the trials being retribution and revenge, naturally stimulated by the aggressive nature of War.
Another faction says that the whole thing was a sham, set up by American Nazis, to protect and free their cohorts, conspirators and companions. They claim that Truman was, to say the least, soft on Nazism, and that the Nuremberg Trials was but an initial step in the trumped up establishment of the Cold War, and the continued advancement of the ‘Military Industrial Complex?
After the War, Winston Churchill was in favor of summary executions without the benefit of trial for all Nazis. General Eisenhower was even of a harsher viewpoint. He wanted every registered or known member of the Nazi Party shot, right down to the local bugermiester. And, of course, Uncle Joe Stalin would have killed all of Germany, every man, woman and child, without any second thoughts since this would be nothing more than what Hitler had outlined, proposed, and attempted for the Russian nation and its people. Secretary of the treasury, Morgenthau proposed a plan for the pasture-ization of the German nation. Germany would be stripped of all of its industry and machinery, and reduced to farm land ... for ever more.
In view of these facts, I think that the point of view that the ‘poor’ German Nazis were mistreated at Nuremberg can be put aside. But then must we accept the second point of view that Truman was a Nazi, surrounded by Nazis who set up the Nuremberg fiasco to free his buddies?
Well, in consideration of the results of the trials one could certainly be justified in holding this view. Only the worst and most obvious offenders were executed. For the most part only Military generals and Hitler’s henchmen in the Government hierarchy were hanged. The rich industrialist, who established, and backed Hitler, and murdered millions in their ‘slave’ factories were given no more than a slap on the wrist; and thousands, if not millions of outright killers in the S.S., S.A. and the Einsatzgruppen weren’t even brought up for cause. But nevertheless there is a third point of view.
With these trials the crimes and atrocities of Hitler and his Nazis would be exposed before the world and the German people.
Roosevelt felt that with this exposure the German people would lose the ability to glorify and make heroes of their fallen Nazi leaders. And secondly these trials would serve as a further attempt on the part of Civilization to tame and subdue the wild, belligerent human beast under the guidance of accepted and agreed upon standards. Standards that would one day hopefully become the rule of law, and guarantee a future for ‘civilized’ mankind.
As amazing as it may seem, the Nuremberg trials established the idea that out right aggressive War should be considered a crime.

[If you would like to read more on the conspiracy theory of freeing the Nazis after World War II – The Secret War Against the Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aarons is the most serious indictment  that I have yet read – or you can simply punch into your search engine the names Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles.]

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