Friday, June 23, 2006


A Christmas Carol

By Richard E. Noble

Carol is a pleasant rhyme,
enjoying, laughing, Christmas time,
snow filled streets and trees alike,
bows and tinsel, a shinny red bike.

Those crisp, clean, nights
the stars, what a sight,
sleigh bells ringing, a child’s delight,
it brings one’s heart to a new found height.

Carol is a pleasant rhyme,
enjoying, laughing, Christmas time,
the smell of outdoors, a pine tree bristles,
puppy dogs, bright red berries, boughs and thistles.

Hands in mittens, a pretty white kitten,
Cupid abounds with hearts all smitten,
a poppin’ fire, a reindeer for hire,
a mysterious box full of switches and brier.

Carol is a pleasant rhyme,
singing, laughing, Christmas time,
boys in love, and girls all aglow,
silent whispers and stolen kisses beneath a mistletoe.

Bonnets and babies, sweet memories so old,
hopes for the future and good things to hold,
keepsakes, and sonnets, a locket of gold,
those times of youth, so daring and bold.

Carol is a pleasant rhyme,
enjoying laughing Christmas time,
cherries and chocolate and ice cream balls,
dancing and singing and decking the halls.

Carol is a pleasant rhyme.
Carol is for Christmas time.
Carol is all things in time.
Carol is a love of mine.

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Anonymous said...

sweet..........thank you