Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Making Love

By Richard E. Noble

Let’s go for a ride on top of the tide.
The darkness is daring and sweet to the touch.
Her fingers ... his stare,
Let’s make love ... if we dare.

Let’s lay on our backs, naked as the stars up above.
Let’s fill this night with the romance of our need for love.
With the help from the smell of the salt from the sea,
We’ll make love to an ocean’s rolling rhapsody.

A moment like this may never exist.
So grab on, let’s reminisce
On the lips of this kiss.

We’ll keep ourselves warm
With the breath from our storm.
We’ll hold on tight,
Until the world’s out of our sight.

Let’s make our love
On the crest of an in-coming wave,
Then splash in the sparks
Our fingertips made.

We’ll ride this tide with our eyes open wide,
No need to dream or make it seem.
First up with a groan, then down with a moan,
We’ll ride this wave’s crest, then roll in its foam.
You’ll look in his eyes,
Feel the caress of her thighs,
Then swoon in a moon of yearning.

You’ll love him again,
And her ‘till the end,
In a moment of love ever burning.

You’ll touch with your toes;
He’ll kiss the red rose,
Of passion’s torchless turning.

And she will wreathe with a sigh,
And heave her breasts high,
Then roll in the dream of love’s tender churning.

To remember the meaning of a carnal bleeding,
To know an evening of lust,
To touch that passion, forever in fashion,
To reel, to feel to be human,
… or bust.

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