Sunday, June 11, 2006

Family Values

Family Values

Sexual Availability?

By Richard E. Noble

I was reading a tome the other day entitled “The History of Civilization “. I was doing fine until I reached this statement, or a statement to this effect. “It was the year round sexual availability of the FEMALE that precipitated the establishment of the family in the human species.”
Really? I don’t think so.
In my neighborhood there were many, many FEMALES who were sexually available on a year round basis who never did establish a traditional family or any kind of family as far as I know. Some of them managed to establish their own little small business enterprise, but no family-type business that I can recall.
I also know many husbands and current members of their own traditional type families who will swear to you on a stack of bibles that their FEMALE, wife and mother, is NOT sexually available on a year round basis. In fact, I have been told personally that many of these traditional family members are hardly sexually available at all, no matter what the time or the year.
What in the world does the year round sexual availability of the FEMALE have to do with anything?
So then I say to myself, maybe he is talking about the notion that some animals go into heat, and humans are not limited in this way. If they were, then humans might have formed herds and not families.
But so what?  A herd doesn’t necessarily have to be a family. It could just be a herd – like a neighborhood or a society. Nobody has to take care of anybody. They would just roam around in bunches screwing one another at random. Come to think of it, isn’t that what we have right now?
Conclusion: There are animals that go into heat that nevertheless form families and those that don’t.
So I ask myself; What forms the basis for the traditional human family? And I conclude that the establishment of the human family is due to the loving, caring, compassionate nature of the ... MALE.
If the MALE does not love the FEMALE and see in her a reason for him to make himself available to a year round lifetime of WORK, effort and loyalty ... no family unit in the traditional sense will ever develop. Without a loving, compassionate MALE we can still have Motherhood; we can have Babyhood; but no Family-hood.
The FEMALE can be sexually available morning, noon, and night but unless she can excite in a MALE, feelings of love, compassion, tenderness and concern, all her sexual availability will do nothing but get her ‘knocked -up’.

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